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Project Rooftop: Fantastic Four

By shoomlah
Finally sucked it up and submitted my entry to Project Rooftop's Fantastic Four redesign contest!  I love superhero teams, especially ones who spend a lot of their time sciencing, so this was fun.

I decided to go with a midcentury-inspired/sci-fi look for their uniforms- not the most drastic change, of course, but I wanted something sleek that played around with the 4 iconography a bit more than usual.  I Also took the bodysuit-as-wearable-computer concept a bit more literally with the optional retinal HUD, and made Ben a bit of a beefcake.  Because why the hell not

(Photoshop CS5)
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All of them, are an eye candy! Nice job! You really nailed their personalities, in this drawing here! :happybounce: Clap Giggle :happybounce:  
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It's great but you haven't shown Reed's power. He could put his left arm all the way around Sue & then have his fist on his hip like he's not happy with the teasing. I LOVE what you did with the 4! I think the belt-like section of Ben's suit is too low but I'm so happy you gave him a full suit because WHY would he be the only one in his underwear?!
Got no complaints with Jonny but I think it's hard to tell Sue is a woman right away but then you see it. I like that her hair is a practical cut (used by Astronauts) & she doesn't have the giant boobs that men give to all cartoon women. She's as buff as the boys, which she would have to be to pass the physical to go into space. 
Just... Well Done
This is fantastic :). Awesome job
AimForrest's avatar
They all look fabulous!
Sedah-Senrot's avatar
Awesome designs, awesome drawing
hannibus42's avatar
Ah, it's nice to see a GOOD rendition of the Fantastic 4!
Hasn't been one of those since DisneyPixars The Incredibles!
Bonniebear98's avatar
Amazing job.

You used the old group! I do say that are hella better then the newer set!
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MNJIII's avatar
Awesome job! Love their physical looks.
runenstein's avatar
I actually really love those. Definitely would have been an awesome look for the movie.
Greyman101's avatar
Wow, costumes where you take one look and know EXACTLY who they're supposed to be. Unlike, oh I dunno, that abomination that hit multiplexes last year....
TokiBuni's avatar
Very nice work! :D
bloosuperdoode1's avatar
How the movie should have looked °•°
Sleevia's avatar
costumes are really clever!
TMNT-Raph-fan's avatar
The Thing looks hella fine. Them eyebrows Ben rocks that pose. (Pun intended)
And they all look fantastic XD
spicemaster's avatar
GREAT costume design!!!!
AllStarDoomsday1992's avatar
crazyman54's avatar
I really do love the designs of the costumes
KlavensCartoons's avatar
i love the simplicity of this! great redesign, especially how you implemented the 4 into the costumes!
Batkrom's avatar
Much better than the 2015 movie reboot lol!!
HassouTobi27's avatar
I'm so happy SOMEONE is treating the Fantastic Four with respect. They are an extremely underrated team of heroes! Take note of this, 20th Century Fox!
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