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Pokemon Battle Royale - Seaking

By shoomlah
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I finally finished up my piece for the upcoming Pokemon Battle Royale gallery show and, since a bunch of other artists have been sharing their contributions, I thought I'd post mine!  SEAKING.  That's right.

I guess I've always just had a soft spot for fish Pokemon and their dead, vacant stares- how do they even function in a fight?  Especially if that fight is on land?  These are the questions I think we need to be asking.  Despite all that I tried to do my best to make Seaking look like a bit of a badass, but Misty's probably helping him out a bit in that regard.

Show info:
Pokémon Battle Royale
April 20 | 7-10pm
Light Grey Art Lab | Minneapolis, MN

Check it out if you can! They also have a kickstarter project going to help fund their remodel and any future shows, so head on over if you have a few bucks to spare. :)

(Photoshop CS5)
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Clarice's avatar
Misty with a tattoo looks pretty freaking awesome.
jcorbari's avatar
It looks like a Nike ad! Amazing
Empyrisan's avatar
I wish I had seen this sooner! It's freakin' rad! And I love Misty's Seaking tattoo! 
MegaPartygod's avatar
I really want that tattoo, it looks so bad ass!  
alonsovg's avatar
This is amazing
josie-medel's avatar
You're style and execution is awe inspiring! <3 You have some amazing work! I'm loving what I'm seein' in your gallery.
xsaiyankidx's avatar
I like your style!
JackieMercer's avatar
This is freaking amazing! It looks almost like one of those old boxing promotional posters.
TheDogWood's avatar
Whooooaa what kind of program did you use and what king of tablet!
MrPruitt's avatar
This is gorgeous! The colors,accessories/details, and layout are all so perfectly balanced.
Ardo842's avatar
IrotLessur's avatar
It reminds me of.. Pokemon! Lmao ( I know thats what you were going for)
shoomlah's avatar
It does say it in the title, and it features a pokemon, a pokeball, and a trainer?
MaRina731's avatar
It's not that much but I really like her outfit. :D And the dynamic in this one - great! Keep things up!

EX7RA's avatar
AviiCeruleanSkies's avatar
Omigosh this is beautiful and I am so happy that it's showing in my city! Woooohoooo Minneapolis! :D You really did manage to make seaking a badass :D
ser-comixmann's avatar
pure awesomeneeessss!
Arashi98's avatar
I love all the fish Pokemon! :D
This piece is amazing, and I love the tattoo!
AlexSkullZ's avatar
awesome! love it completely!
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