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Nothing to it, really

By shoomlah
Just stepping in to give a quick DISCLAIMER - most of this art is five years old at this point and embarrassingly out-of-date!  I would love to redo these, armed with additional knowledge and wisdom, but my day job does't leave a ton of free time for personal projects.  Please take these with a grain of salt, and share accordingly; check out literally any of my more recent art if you're looking for more thoughtful historical fashion.  Thanks much!

I went with the mid 1860's for Cinderella's dress, the transitory period where the cage crinoline takes on a more elliptical shape and moves towards the back. Not that it accounts for Lady Tremaine's sweet 1890's getup, but it's also not unheard of to see it worn alongside Anastasia and Drizella's early bustle dresses. It's also worth noting that it was made by a fairy godmother, so it make sense that her tastes would be a little behind the times.

Not to mention background characters, who seem pretty firmly planted in the middle of the century:…

I couldn't settle on a visual motif for the details in this one- shoes, pumpkins, mice- so I just gave her some stripes and gothic lace to make up for it. OH ALSO I drew her losing her right shoe instead of her left and only recently realized it. Whoops.

(Photoshop CS4)

See the rest of the series here:…
Read the FAQ here:…

…And check out the process video on YouTube:…
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wait if this is 5 years old in 2011 then did you draw in in 2006???
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Cindy, your slipper! :ohnoes:
Hey there, I've been here before telling you how I thought Cinderella would have had the cap sleeves and bustle gown of...well, I don't know when in the 1800's. But I understand now, you thought because of the shape of her skirt, it would be the 1860's, and so the rest had to follow. Cinderella is my favorite Disney Princess (or character ever) with my favorite dress, so I'd love to talk a little more about it.

First, if you used a wide range of different decades for Snow White, why not Cinderella, to have the cap sleeves and bustle, but the same shape of the skirt?

Does the Cinderella in the film have a bustle? I believe I saw an official Disney color sheet that labeled the lighter-colored puffs on the sides of her waist a bustle (it was small and hard to read). If they aren't a bustle, then what would they be called in this 1860's design? Or they don't have a name, they are just some kind of decoration?

Also, I wanted to say I love everything about the picture except two things: the stripes and the hair. I feel like her hair would be nicer piled completely on her head, like in the movie. But maybe that's not historically accurate enough. Could you provide an example? Something to search for? Oh, actually, looking at the first hair you drew in the process video, I think that was almost perfect! As for the stripes, I LOVED the birds you drew in the process video, so I wish you had used them instead of the stripes! The birds are important as the helpers for Cinderella who never get turned into anything. But maybe what would have worked better would have been pumpkins with vines going everywhere. You could do a lot with the vines, and it would be very pretty, I think.

Anyway, as for the rest...I think it's gorgeous! It's really beautiful, and that's from a fan of the original! I think the original is the best and most beautiful, but really, it's not about doing better, but doing an alternate and perhaps equally beautiful gown, right?
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the dress is beautiful
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I watching now you youtube speed painting, and i'm in love! 
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I'm astounded how smooth your free hand lineart is.
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I almost prefer this than the original dress!! I love your work
IllegalSympathy's avatar
Better design than the live action one
RidersofArmageddon's avatar

At least there's a different kind of effort that honors a classic with this piece.

fishofglass's avatar
that’s awesome!
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That's a lovely drawing
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i love this, I don't mind that its the right foot (I always lose my right shoe and joke I'm like cinderella) I like it with the stripe ^^
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I like this, but I feel like the colour is missing something compared to the original. Not because it's blue -  the original 1950s theatrical poster infact has the dress as blue.…
The original dress was all floaty light blue/silver tones, and then you had that really black choker. It's got the same punch as a Degas ballerina.… But here, you have the dark lines running through all the dress, and a lower, fragmented choker. It's more unified but it also lacks that graphic power of the original Mary Blair colour blocking. Just my $.002

Although a friend of mine insists that the original dress is based on this Falero painting...seems unlikely but it's a nice more 1890s sort of look.…
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Just out of curiosity are you going to make a new dress for the live-action one?
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Revisiting this now that the live-action trailer for Cinderella is out. Loving what the costumes look like, though cannot help but wonder if they couldn't have tried a little harder to break away from basically copying the original cartoon styles... Maybe that was the idea, but I'd love to see a more traditional retelling of Cinderella with the three balls, and three dresses (sun, moon, and stars themed).

Still love your rendition though, and hey, court dress tended to be behind the times anyway so that could be another explanation for an 1850s style mixed with later fashions!
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What do you mean by three dresses? Was there originally three? I'm kinda curious
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Old varients of the tale had the maiden attend the ball three nights in a row, wearing three different dress: one like the sun, one like the moon, and one that shone like stars. The prince figured out who she was on the third night.
Taggerific's avatar
oh! I see now 

I very slightly remember it- I tried looking it up but couldn't find it
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they actually look way different from the cartoon XD
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You know the disney cinderella 2015 one dress looks just like this and no joke just watch the trailer of cinderella disney 2015 and you can see it
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