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It's not my style

I've been crazy excited to do Tiana- she's not my favourite princess, but I started researching her dress in the very early stages of this project and got pretty hyped up about it.

Most of the dresses in Princess and the Frog do have some historical basis (lots of dropped waists and slinky chemises), so I thought it would be fun to tackle Tiana's magic-kiss-swamp-frog-something gown during the climax of the film. It's the one dress that's clearly meant to just be a standalone "princess" dress, but I liked the idea of a challenge and decided to drag it kicking and screaming back into the 20's.

I based the dress on Lanvin's robes de style, which were- unlike the flapper dresses most people associate with the Jazz Age- fitted in the bodice with a wide, panniered skirt. The robe de style was considered a relatively conservative dress choice so you probably wouldn't have seen a hem hiked up this high, but COME ON HOW OFTEN DO I GET TO DRAW THEIR LEGS. Not often enough, I'll tell you that.


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Tiana looks amazing ^u^ I'd love to see Anna and Giselle too

GoldenNib1922's avatar
I love flapper dresses!
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Seeing this art actually inspired me to research 20s and 30s fashion myself! It's quite refreshing to bring an underappreciated style into the limelight.
thePureAlchemist's avatar
Ughhhhh I loooove this one!!!!~ You do such lovely, stylized work! I ADORE all your princesses, and this one is by far one of my absolute favorites!~
shrivelingfate's avatar
Tiana was always my favourite because her movie had the most meaning to me
EllieJayBird's avatar
Tiana's dress was always my favorite, but now I love this one more.
smalltowngirly's avatar
I love this collection!!!!
goosetooth's avatar
I agree I love the dress design >v< how it's so frog themed
MountainLygon's avatar
She is absolutely adorable in that dress.  In four years, it'll be the 20s again, so I say we bring this look back!
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That green against her skin tone is so amazing.  The colors in this are spectacular.  
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Fave princess love you her new look
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Wow, I love this picture *.*. 
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*Is listening to Frank Sinatra and is picturing Titania dancing to him*
LAdolphingirl's avatar
She's gorgeous! Lovely work on this!
panadareaper's avatar
she is beautifulHeart Love 
TwilightsInferno's avatar
Love! Love! LOVE! Gosh such a great flapper dress! I want to see Tiana cosplayers in this!
UsagichanBR's avatar
well...the skirt was strange. But i like it.
NictheWerecatqueen's avatar
She looks really good ^^
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I much prefer this to her actual dress. Her actual dress just seems out of place in the setting, and it's a bit too stereotypical princessy for my liking.
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Right? Took the words right out of my...well, not my mouth, but out of my brain.
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