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Just stepping in to give a quick DISCLAIMER - most of this art is five years old at this point and embarrassingly out-of-date!  I would love to redo these, armed with additional knowledge and wisdom, but my day job does't leave a ton of free time for personal projects.  Please take these with a grain of salt, and share accordingl; check out literally any of my more recent art if you're looking for more thoughtful historical fashion.  Thanks much!

Honestly? I just wanted to draw those damn slashed sleeves. I want them SO BAD.

Unlike the aforementioned Little Mermaid, Snow White's time period is pretty easy to pinpoint in 16th century Germany. Not that the film is accurate, but the clues are there- I took a wide swath from about 1500-1530 to come up with something that still maintained the spirit of the original design.


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Wonder what kind of fabric the gown's made of.
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She looks better than in the movie :D I love the sleeves and the hair
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Colours really pop out at you!!
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So I don't think I've said this before, but out of all your historicaly accurate princess(which are all super duper awesome, I love them), this one is my favourite.
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These are all so great...
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they completely cannibalized the brothers Grimm stories. they made it suitable for children. and they veered way way way off course with the plot line. the queen attempted to kill snow white at least 3 times, not including the apple which everyone knows about, and in the original story I don't think there was a true loves kiss at the end of the original story. and they buried the original stories behind Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty (Briar Rose), Snow White and the 7 dwarves, Hercules, and several others so deep that I highly doubt that anyone other than people who delve into classical (Greek and Roman) mythology and old fairy tales knows the original stories behind the Disney princess movies. I don't know the story behind Mulan at all. I know for a fact that they destroyed the Hercules (Heracles) myth in both Greek and Roman mythology. Hera hated Hercules' guts and she wasn't even his real mom! Also there was no Gaston in the original story that beauty and the beast was based off of. Sorry I needed to vent.
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Who cares, it's just an adaptation for children
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You mention that people don't delve far enough into fairy tales and source material, but have you ever looked at the source material the Grimm Brothers were playing around with?  In the same way that Disney "veered off course," so did the Brothers Grimm – their adaptations of the stories are notoriously misogynistic, often demonizing, brutalizing, shaming or punishing women across the board when the original fairy tales did nothing of the sort.  I wholly recommend Grimm's Bad Girls and Bold Boys if you're interested in digging deeper!

I don't approve of arbitrary changes or whitewashing of myth and fairy tales (Hera, Mulan recast as the hero of a western morality tale, the innate racism of Aladdin) but I don't think adapting or changing fairy tales is innately bad!  Even Greco-Roman myths weren't written in stone; they evolved, they were passed along and changed, and they were adapted to suit the needs and tastes of whoever was telling them. :D
Show-A-Bit-Of-Teeth's avatar
Nice counter-argument.
Disney needs to hire you for their live action films, you work is just stunning! I love that it's a fresh take but still stays true to the original design.
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I love those sleeves too XD this series caught my eye when I was looking at something of mine XD
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So while I love ALL the historically accurate Disney Princesses you've done, I've realized that Snow White is probs my favourite... Don't know why tho...
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What time period does "Snow White" even take place in?
Evil-is-Relative's avatar
OH MY GOSH I adore that embroidered tree panel on the skirt! I now want this outfit for myself, except I don't have the waistline for it. XD I really like all the little embroidery motifs you mix into these. In this one particular, I like how you've changed the bright yellow of her original design to a more classy gold. :)
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Oooh so pretty :heart:  I love the sleeves and how you did her hair.
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Did you use Photoshop or Illustrator?
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Glad that I found this!
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I just love those slashed and banded sleeves.  This is so much better than the Disney design; even when I was a little kid I thought Snow White's bare arms looked almost indecent and the whole dress was just too bland (gimme a break, I was a strange kid).
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This is wonderful!!!
Love your style:)
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I like this so much! I may follow your lead and modify Disney characters, just hoping that's okay?
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