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I Don't Want Fop, Goddammit!

My piece for Ltd. Art Gallery's OVER THE LINE show, opening TONIGHT (June 6th) in Seattle! I'll be swinging by the opening myself, if any of y'all are planning on making an appearance- looks like it's going to be a pretty amazing spread. :)

I had a ton of ideas for this show initially, and was actually a good 60% into a piece before I switched gears and decided to do a Dapper Dan spread, a la magazine ads of the late 1930's. I'm a sucker for typography and commercial design, not to mention George Clooney's handsome handsome face, so this seemed like the best choice all around.

HAHAHAHA SUCKERS try to shame me now for hoarding all those interbellum era fonts

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Aahahaha  I love this! <333 XDDD
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True story:  After watching Oh Brother, I switched my hair care products to using pomade.
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I don't want this pomade, I WANT DAPPER DAN.
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This is awesome. Great inspiration!
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Loving retro!Loving your artworks!
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I am ashamed to have not seen this before now! One of my favorite movies and favorite gags therein. 
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Man! I took one look, and I was right  back in the movie. I can almost hear George talking about pomade. I always thought they should have expanded that a bit. (Unless, of course, I am "miss-remembering", as I am wont to do, sometimes. I like to make up "deleted" scenes in my head as I am driving up and down the highways and interstates, so sometimes I get them mixed up with real scenes.) I can see him, (and the boys), sitting around a barrel, playing checkers, and George expounding on the proper uses of a good pomade like Dapper Dan! Bravo to you, Shoomlah!
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thank you so much! :D
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I would love to have this one as a poster. 8D
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lol that title and this piece brought back some good memories, I want to watch that movie now. 
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Just as long as you dont do a follow up piece for FOP were all good.  But thanks for this art.
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not sure what you mean by this...?
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its a backwards way of quoting the movie, without the swearwords or actually quoting the movie
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As a huge fan of OBWAT, I am so in love with this poster. I want it on my walla next to my Dalek propaganda poster <3
The 'Red Tin' Type. Good Lord, It's Perfect.
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Wow! You nailed the design spot-on. I love that movie, and you got the feel perfectly!
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SLANG. I love it. One might say it's the "cat's meow".
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Love that movie. C:
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Love it!! Absolutely love it!
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