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How To Train Your Stitch

I'm hardly the first to mention the similarities, but I haven't seen any drawings of Stitchified Toothless so I had to get it out of my system while it's still fresh.

Not meant as a jab at Chris Sanders and his gorgeous character art, simply because if I had my way he would design everything and every Disney princess would have lusciously huge thighs and surprisingly wide-set eyes.

Also worth saying: SUCH A FINE FILM. Way to go, Dreamworks.

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Stitch and Toothless combine, awesome
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This is adorable! Awesome job!
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this awesome i have a shirt thats stitch in a toothless costume and vice versa
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Stitch hi plz"He-haiiieee!"
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This is adorable!
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this one really got into my mind xD
really, in the last few weeks i daydreamed a character to this and a fanfic :D
writing the story just with my mind and probalby never publishing something :D

very well done this one. he looks so adorable *_*
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Update, I wrote the story and published some chapters.

Is it okay, since I'm not sure if it's 'idea theft' since the characters outfit or appearance is taken from this picture but the entire background and universe by myself.

Not that there would be any art of this character on my profile.

Just, am I doing something bad when I invent a character who looks like the one in this picture and wrap an entire universe and story behind it?
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I LOVE IT! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: Heart Heart Heart :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: Heart Heart Heart 
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OH MY GAWD!!!!! So cute!!!!!
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Cutest thing. Lovely^^
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no mootah,
nagga to

Lets test if he is immune to angels song too :D
I hope not, Evil and chaos are soooo cute *_*

meega nala kweesta bwahahahahahahahaha :D
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i think i just died a little Anna squee Toothless Epic clap 
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Absolutely adorable!!
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So... Stitchless?
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So cute. I will forever love Toothless :)
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that is so cute!!!!

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