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Harley Quinn - fancy dress

Stumbled across a fantastic 1880 photo of a woman in jester-styled fancy dress [link] and could not for the life of me resist designing something similar for Harley.


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noice. love harley in cool outfits.
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Oh this is delightfully charming. Fits her well.
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Really beautiful! I love how you´re brought her to your style!
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adorable! :3
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festival of jokes
cosmos-cosplay's avatar
do you mind if i cosplay this design? Ill give you credits for the design!
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Love all of it but the name spelling.
shoomlah's avatar
It's not her name!  It's an actual word, Harlequin.
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<More costumes that are better than the current ones!
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This is terrific.
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Ohhh, I love this design! :)
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Holy F*ck! I love this design soo soo much! Do you mind people cosplaying your designs? If not I'd would love to do a cosplay of this incredible version! 
shoomlah's avatar
Please do! I'd love to see photos if you do. :D
ThePookaPrincess's avatar
Thank you! It will take a while as my friend who will join my first have time around winter but I'll definitely show you if you'd want me to!
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I could have sworn I had already faved and comments on this wonderful piece... but alas I may have been wrong D: but either way I found my was back here :D

 This deign is too fun and graceful, it's a delight! It's quite fun fanart of her! Classic looking and a nice old timey.
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Fantastic! Without a doubt, beautiful!
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What an lovely outfit, Shoomlah did you design his?
shoomlah's avatar
yup, says so in the description!
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aw that one is so cute o3o
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