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Golly, what a day

Yup, this was an April Fool's joke, just to answer all the inquiries. :)

A lot of people have been asking about Maid Marian, so I figured I might as well give her a shot- a bit tougher when you’re looking at clothing on anthropomorphic animals, of course, but there are still a couple of details that point to the 15th century- the cut of the dress, the ears disguised as a horned hennin headdress, the bag sleeves, etc.  I still tried to maintain the relatively simple silhouette of Marian’s dress, just with added period details- making it more of a houppelande by design, and resolving the v-shaped neckline to show the kirtle underneath.

Also really wanted to hide some foxglove motifs in the lining of the gown- it’s subtle, but I think it really ties the whole design together.

See the rest of the series HERE

Read the FAQ HERE
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this is so beautiful~
Zorbonaut's avatar
...goddamnit lmao
*scared animal noises*
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Nope. This still pisses me off.
It's jarring since you actually do draw furry stuff.

You are such a wank stain!

Go drink bleach. 
Flutterbunny76's avatar
Seriously though.
Are you an anti-furry or not?
Xophair's avatar
Dude. She's obviously not, she draws anthro characters all of the time- a cursory glance at her gallery would reveal that. And even if she was "anti-furry" WHY would it matter enough to you to keep posting about it?? 3 years later judging by the comments below. That's just weird, separate from demanding an artist draw what you want.
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Because... I think Marian would have looked amazing in her style.
VeeSocks's avatar
You accused her of hating furries because she wont draw a specific anthro character for you, despite you offering no form of compensation for this request.

This is despite a gallery near entirely full of furry characters. Its blatantly obvious she doesn't hate furries

Its also obvious you don't actually care about this artist or her work, you're just bitchy because someone dared draw an anthro character you like as non-anthro

Either pay the artist or leave her alone. This behavior constitutes harassment.
Flutterbunny76's avatar
I'm just offended that Marian was used as an April Fools joke
VeeSocks's avatar
That doesn't mean the artist owes you anything. Theres other art of this character and everyone isn't obligated to draw her to your standards for reasons you specifically deem feasible. Its her art and her time and energy not yours.

Leave her alone
Hime-Takamura's avatar
If you want it done so badly why don't  you... I dunno.... pay the artist for a commission? Though at this point she'd probably just reject your order because you've been such a twat about it and I wouldn't blame her.
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This is hilarious. I'm sure there is good Marian fanart out there, just for you! Just not here!
Unicorn-Arcane's avatar
This is the first time I've seen your work, this is what got me intrigued. XD You are an amazing artist, Im sure you know that! So amazing! It looks like this was fun to make!! Wink/Razz 
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I love it <3 xD ur comments are priceless as well
Flutterbunny76's avatar
I'm still waiting...
Are you some kind of anti-furry?
Ruby99999777's avatar
Do you hate furries in general, or do you just plan on keeping them out of the historical series? =P
Keeping them out of your historical series is fair, but if you're just hating on furries in general, why?
Ruby99999777's avatar
I was asking a question, no need to get mad, upset, or otherwise. Did you consider I had only looked at a part of your gallery? I had only looked at this folder as this was the one I was interested in, I did not look at any of your other pieces at the time. Sometimes people with a simple answer such as that are serious. Some people are joking. It's difficult to tell. I'm sorry I don't know you and haven't seen your other art. I'm sorry I asked a question. Alright?
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