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Girl, you can't conceal it

Finally moving on to the unofficial Disney ladies with Megara! So fantastically simple to research, just put her in a simple doric chiton and spent most of my time researching fabric colours and patterns to see what I could get away with. It kinda looks like she killed Hercules and took his helmet? I'm okay with that.


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In the real mythology, Hercules kills her in a moment of madness, so... it's only be justice that she killed him here! :p

Anyway, love what you do with disney ladies! :D

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...Don't see why she would have had to "kill" him to have his helmet? 
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Which is odd, considering how in the Greek Myth, Heracles killed her and their children (thank Hera for that).
This is literally my favorite way I’ve seen Meg
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I love this!  <3
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OOOoooo I like this one
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This is awesome! I'm not a very smart person with history, so I always see Greek goddesses that have hair like this and I go "how the **** do they get their hair that weird shape?"
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She looks like a Greek goddess
One of my favs.
I LOVE how you did Meg! She's in a three way tie for my favorite Disney gal with Belle and Merida and you nailed the clothing, hair, and jewlry! Can you please tell me what the pattern is on the bottom of both her fabrics? Also did you have a reference for the jewelry? I'm asking because I want to cosplay her :)
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On the contrary Megara died because of Hercules due to her stepmom's prejudice  & treachery..
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This is absolutely stunning! Now I want a chiton like this so I can be Meg for Halloween. LOVE it! 
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I'm more curious as to how she got her hair to stay that way. *mentally screams Hairspray! Hairspray! Hairspray!*
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Well, according to Greek Mythology Hades is more linked to his magic helmet of invisibility, so if she took it from him that just makes her all the more bad-ass.
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Very gorgeous, love the greek profile.
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I like it, and like meg.
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