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GDG vol. 4 - Douglas Fir

(The New GDG book, Girls Drawin Girls Volume IV:
The Way Nature Made Her
, is now available for preorder!
Head over to the GDG blog to find out more and place your order.)

My pin-up piece for the next Girls Drawing Girls ( [link] ) book- we've got a plant theme this time around so I, a fan of conifers, grabbed the Douglas Fir.

I absolutely adore the National Park Service- Bryce Canyon specifically- so this project rapidly became an excuse to draw park rangers and the southwest. The choice to do it in the style of the inimitable WPA posters was an easy one- they're still some of the most compelling advertisements for the parks.

(Photoshop CS5)

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This scenery is beautiful. I love it.
WorkerStudio's avatar
Oh where, oh where can a print of this be found? It's just perfect. 
LatinVimes's avatar
Saw this on the Comics Alliance site, and I really like your take on the WPA style posters. A must fave.
Brandonstarr's avatar
I love your colors!
heliotropal's avatar
Makes me want to get in my car and drive down there.
Awesome poster.
juantomajok's avatar
great colors, dude
PhotoAdventures's avatar
Is this the only one? I would love to see more!
Knightmoon's avatar
This is so neat! Very old poster style! I'm from around Lake Michigan and we always see the South Shore posters, and this reminds me of them a great deal! Lovely work!
CyborgJanEyre's avatar
zenn605's avatar
this is an awesome piece!!! my mother works for the forest service and I would love a print!!!
you make awesome posters and princesses
UltraFem's avatar
GOOD LORD, this is beautiful!
PENICKart's avatar
Great piece here!
sugarpeep's avatar
I'd love to see more of these being a Park girl myself!
davidAET's avatar
great color pallet wonderful layout
sevenxlives's avatar
looks very nice! :D
ToddNTheShiningSword's avatar
LOL your sig is awesome :XD:
Lithium-Tonic's avatar
Outstanding work!
ginger-vanilla's avatar
it was like heaven in earth... one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen 0.0

I like the old-style of the postcard :D
ShapelessCreature's avatar
I absolutely love this ! Thanks for sharing
SEAT-BELT-rage's avatar
yes!! Bryce Canyon is beautiful! (: as well as Zion Canyon which I only slightly prefer over Bryce.
Pocketowl's avatar
I saw this at Vlad the Retailer!
shoomlah's avatar
Oh yay! I sent it in for the GDG show, so I'm glad it showed up. :)

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