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Foul Stench

Was playing around with some new painting styles, trying to be looser and subtler with my forms, and tried it out on a feisty little Leia portrait. Carrie Fisher has a pretty awesome pouty face.

Does it look like Leia's the one with the foul stench? Whoops, yeah, kinda. Let's pretend she just got out of the trash compactor.

(Photoshop CS5)
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gremom's avatar
I love your work! 
Dr-royal's avatar
she kinda looks like you o-o

ortogi's avatar
Dis is great! I really enjoy the hardness of the brushstrokes.
Zaarin1's avatar
You can do Star Wars fan art any time you like! :D Beautiful, you captured her attitude perfectly! :D
EdmondDantes's avatar
Well I suppose the smell had to be coming from somewhere.

Who knew Imperial air-scrubbing and filtration was so comparatively backward?
fazzygrl's avatar
She's so cute. :aww:
kazikowska's avatar
is great!!! where you can take these brushes?
MJBivouac's avatar
Oh! Leia? What did you DO? OMG open an exhaust port of something!
hinchen's avatar
why foul stench? xD Wait... did she say that to someone..? My brain leaks.
Looks amazingly realistic-cartoony-crossover-awesome. You're one of my personal Deviantart-Heroes.
I adore your work.
instant Fave! :star:
Spacegryphon's avatar
Charming to the last. Just like this picture! :D
Pipitka's avatar
Wuah... *likky*...:dygel:
JonasEklundh's avatar
Damn, that's nice.
hpholo's avatar
This sends me into giggle-fits every time I see it. :lol:
aedifico's avatar
Hahaha, maybe that's why she's pouty. She doesn't like smelling like a trash compactor, what self-respecting princess would? I do like the looser, more stylized, painting; it looks lovely. :)
ShylaBlu's avatar
:lol: :lol: I love this...her expression is fantastic! :D
Realm-Of-The-Shadows's avatar
LOL Tarkin needs a bath! XD
spencer12122's avatar
Wait, I thought Admiral Tarkin had the foul stench. Admiral Tarkin, "I could smell your foul stench since I came on this station" or something like that.

Oh god i feel so geekish
Edelstein-Austria's avatar
((Grand Moff, not admiral.))
shoomlah's avatar
Yeah, that's why the picture's called foul stench- not a cosmic coincidence. The correct line is "I recognized your foul stench when I was brought on board."

Realm-Of-The-Shadows's avatar
why is it we of the dedicated generation CANNOT forget a single line from movies like Star Wars?
shoomlah's avatar
It is just tattooed into the folds of our communal brain. :D
hisako's avatar
yeah i saw it as her having the foul stench (figured the trash compactor haha). carrie fisher is awesome as leia.
lemonflower's avatar
HA. At first glance I read "full stench" and I thought, "Yep, Leia must really have it cranked up". Looks good - to similar to your overworked-in-the-future-Kai painting.
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