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Fifty-Nine Parks - Capitol Reef


My finished Capitol Reef National Park poster for Fifty-Nine Parksis finally available, in both timed (24″ x 36″) and standard (18″ x 24″) editions!  They’re both six-color screen prints on 100# cougar white paper, 5% of your purchase is donated to the National Park Service, and, judging from the previous posters in this series, they’re gonna be gorgeous. ❤️🏞

If you can’t tell already, I really love drawing rocks.

(Procreate on iPad Pro, PhotoshopCC)

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Very - very good

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This would be my dream home! :D
Well minus a barn and horse,
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I stayed at the campsite right on the other side of this building!! We almost hit a marmot with the car <xD Capitol Reef is a lovely park. 
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I love this picture! 
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Magnifique travail ! Bravo :)
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Have you ever visited any California State Parks? I just started working part-time at one and my coworkers are super into anything state/natl park related, so I'm sure they'd love your art.
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oh awesome, and I totally have! I'm originally from LA. :)
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Ahhh I get this happy warm feeling every time I see this. It's just so beautiful!
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I was just thinking that those rocks were beautifully done! I mean, the whole picture is, but DANG, THOSE ROCKS. :D
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Wow-- this is one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen!  The colors!  I love the balance between warm and cool tones you created and I'm digging the textures, too-- the roughness of the barn boards and rocks next to that soft, smooth snow.  Amazing work! :love:
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I love the subtly limited color palette: all browns and cool grays.
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Gorgeous colors. The cold of the snow greatly contrasts with the warmth in the orange.
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I love the highlighting and shading on the cliffs!
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Wow - those lightnings/highlights are epic! What a wonderful piece. :)
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Very very beautiful, nice color contrast and delicious vibrance in this piece! Good work :) Keep drawing those rocks
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peaceful piece
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A wonderful tribute to our national parks.  This makes me want to go back!
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Beautiful colors and I love the shadow shapes in the rock. 
i love places like this. you captured the essence brilliantly
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