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Dressing Rosalind Lutece


1. For people unaware, Bioshock: Infinite is set in the 1910's. This isn't Victorian, it's Edwardian!
2. These layers aren't as hot as you think they are, and there were more comfortable/breathable options for summer and warmer weather. Thank god.
3. Yes, it takes time to put on this stuff, but probably not as long as you think. :)
4. These layers aren't hardwired (certain bloomers/drawers could be worn over the corset, for instance), but the chemise fits relatively comfortably under the drawers in this instance because most Edwardian drawers would be open at the crotch. That, ladies and gents, is how you pee in Columbia.


So the problem with designing characters who become popular is that, if you’re a needy bastard like me who tracks the Lutece tags on Tumblr/DA when you’re bored, you’re suddenly exposed to a ton of art of your characters in various states of undress.

I’m not one to discourage this sort of thing- no no, I have sketchbooks full of Remus/Sirius stuff from high school- but I figured I might as well give everyone a leg-up with a more detailed guide to Rosalind Lutece’s potential underthings. I’ve seen a ton of drawings of her in corsets from a good 50 years before her time and I… I needed to step in.

Think of this as a primer! Not a be-all-end-all of Edwardian underthings (heck, I’m still learning this stuff), but it might teach you some new fashion terms/ideas you weren’t previously aware of! Go forth, young padawan, and draw historically-accurate Rosalind porn to your heart’s content.

…I do not know if this counts as fanart or not since I’m the one doing it? Whatever. RESEARCH OR DIE MOFOS
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This is super cool, and really interesting! I never knew there were so many layers involved in this type of dress!