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Colour Dynamics Tutorial

PLEASE NOTE I have not used this method for six years and do not recommend it anymore. It was interesting, but it's hardly intuitive.

I finally finished up the colour dynamics tutorial I had promised, now conveniently available as a Christmas present from me to y'all. Thanks again to Maddy for showing me what the hell paintbrush colour dynamics even are, and to Wicked Sairah for commissioning me. :D

Enjoy, and Happy Chrismahanakwanzakuh!
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Nuclear-Shrimp's avatar
even if this method is outdated, it's still interesting to see other approaches to the art! :3
sawamura-sama's avatar
again a very useful tutorial. I've been looking for this method of shading
thankies ^__^
shoomlah's avatar
I haven't used this in like ten years! I would never recommend it.
boot-cheese-3000's avatar
now that's a bloody shame it is!!!!!!! old expendable technique that you made a tutorial for? please don't tell me you felt making this was a waste of your time.
franckmalfant's avatar
THX for the tutorial, really great work, I'm gonna try this as soon as I can.
Bagelbagel81's avatar
I didn't have a tablet and stil managed to create an alright illustration. (Doesn't have the pressure effect for shading but setting the brush style to Multiply created a similar effect).
Thanks for the helpful tute!
alabebop's avatar
This is great! Thank you~
Tried it myself:

multiclaws's avatar
Great tutorial! Helped me improve my shading skills a lot! :) Thank you! :heart:
Shrinkhead13's avatar
Great tut' ;D Just about to colour a comic sooo this is very helpfull ^^
cappuccini's avatar
very helpful! thanks a ton :boogie:
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
I don't actually use Photoshop, but GIMP - yet by following your advice, I realized the program actually had those functions too! ^^;
This might come in handy... Thanks for the tutorial! :)
MongrelTerritory's avatar
So, one would need a tablet for this to work?? Well poo...
didac03's avatar
very useful, thanks man
Ophelion's avatar
Thanks for putting this very simple and very helpful tutorial up! :D
LoserArtJunkie's avatar
Really helpful! Thanks a lot!
mkonstantinov's avatar
many thanks just what i'm looking for
Lorna-RoseFoX's avatar
Cheers that helps heaps to understand ^^
AvengersAssemble's avatar
Good tutorial! Some other people are marking stuff that really is more like a B-roll of their art as a tutorial(usually including a lot of bad spelling), with explanations that don't deserve to be called like that and skipping SO many steps you can't help but feel like an idiot.
But this was really good! Thanks
Freya-Silvermoon's avatar
This will be so much useful,thanks.^^
blakeleyborensart's avatar
This was a great tutorial to read through. I have always struggled with advancing myself in Photoshop coloring. This will help out a lot, I think. I'm going to incorporate this tutorial's instructions into the next colored piece I do and we will see how it turns out. Thank you for sharing this. Very informative and very helpful. (Regardless of how old it may be.)

Foloit's avatar
Love it~ Thanks!
aearthr's avatar
Very good tutorial.
I have learnt a new thing such as the lock transparency, different method for the shadow and highlight.
However, I don't understand with the colour dynamics.
Kinetii's avatar
Omg! this tutorial helps me with Colouring!
THANK YOU!! <<<3
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