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Bioshock Infinite - Young Liz costume development



Sooo now that Bioshock: Infinite is out, I can finally share some of the visual development I did for the game! I just finished my first playthrough last night, so I'm pretty chuffed.

Figured I'd lead with my dress design process for young Liz, since her alternate outfit has been getting a lot of coverage (no pun intended) over the past couple of months. Irrational wanted a 1912 period- and age-appropriate look, so that’s what I was aiming for; there are a lot of iterations, but I'm really happy with how the final model turned out in-game.

More of my work for Bioshock: Infinite:


(Also, temendous thanks to Jorge Lacera and the team at Irrational for briefly welcoming me into the fold- as a huge fan of the franchise I was blown away when they hit me up to do some concept work, and it was an absolute pleasure to contribute in even the tiniest way to what is looking to be an amazing game.)
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Thank you for your contribution to the creation of one of the most loved characters in the history of interactive experiences! It's hard to believe how compelling your design is - there is real weight to it and history behind it that you can feel.