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The first half of an antagonist/protagonist assignment. I have no idea why I went for the Aztec bent, really, besides liking Aztec culture, so not too much explanation behind that. Looked at a lot of Incan mummies and peat people for reference, which was enjoyable as always.

(ballpoint & Photoshop 7.0)
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Super awesome. 
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always been one of my favorite character concepts on DA. Glad I found this again.
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What an interesting concept! And adding a peat-mummy in there just adds to the mysterious quality.
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woooo! lets hear it for ball point sketches! I've been on a ball point sketch binge myself as of late. Its a great way to get lines down and I love the variance in value that it can give ^.^
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I don't know what to say about this, and put it any better than all the other comments. So I'll just say I love this so much.
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that´s the most incredible and strange character I´ve ever seen... It´s so scary and cool!
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krass cO
nice :)
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Amazing stuff, please continue to this work share with us!
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now which is the dominant "figure"... and does she move? i mean like... who is the one who would address the protagonist... would it be like the "human" part is just a host an a detached deathly voice comes from the corpse? or what? i must admit i want to know more!
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Fantastic concept. In the assignment, was the man the protagonist and the mummy antagonist? Sort of like a shoulder angel/devil theme?

Loving your designs, creativity, and observations of various cultures in your gallery. Very entertaining stuff! :D
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when I saw that picture, I was thinking Huestec. They are known for their sculptures of people with their skeletal ancestors carved behind them.
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nice work but there's nothing in mesoamerican culture about carrying on dead bodies, there's some rites about dressing on the skin from a prisioner but nothig about a whole corpse
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Well I assumed these were clearly from a fantastical mesoamerican culture, but she's not carrying the dead- she's fused with the dead. It's a symbolic character design for self-betrayal, and the matching one is for knowledge.

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ok that's nice but people are so literal that they'll think that mesoamerican people were carrying corpses behind them so its good to tell about your origianl idea about your character
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I doubt I have to take responsibility for people doing their anthropological research on DeviantArt, though. The piece doesn't say it's Aztec, it says it has an Aztec bent. And if people see a woman fused to a corpse and assume it's historical fact, then I'd guess they're picking up just as much false info from movies. *shrugs*

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that's right about movies, I think taht most people are lazy to get real info about historical antics, so they get used to cliches that they see in the movies or popular books editions and that`s a shame
If the protaganist has to do with the preservation of culture through knowledge and this the loss of culture over time leading to mysteries we will never understand?
oh man, that's one freaky antagonist! How'd you ever come up with this?
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These! These are bitchin'.
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that's incredibly interesting! =)
man you see stuff like i do. right on
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I like this style. There should be more of it
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