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A Fair Fight

I drew a werewolf in my sketchbook and then drew a guy next to him for scale so it became all NO SERIOUSLY HE'S HUGE GUYS and then brought it into pen & ink on bristol for my homework. Good times.


(steel nib & ink)
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It's so gorgeous, oooooh, I can stare on it for the whole eternity

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Amazing work! I've been toying with Pen and Ink horror style for a project I'm working on, and this is phenomenal inspiration!
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This reminds me of Werewolf:the Apocalypse. Even if the guy in the foreground were a vampire, he is already dead. Awesome pic!
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wow that is a evil big werewolf , look so grandios 

you should draw more of them 
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Sick, great job! I like seeing this style.
Very impressive! Quick question... How is this fair? the guy a vampire or something?
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That is so not a fair fight.
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Badass. The face looks really good
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That guy's huge!
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Just finished veiwing your historically accurate disney princess series. So, I skipped to this. The title combined with the concept eerily remind me of the fight scene on top of the castle between Gaston and the Beast. And I think Gaston was barely armed with his rifle and club (read: statue arm). The beast was like three times his size. Fair fight, I hardly think so! lolz. :iconiloveitplz:
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Mmmmm... sexy werewolf.
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This is great; it has a proper Bernie Wrightson feel to it.
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Wow. B-e-a-utiful....! Love it
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This is brilliant. I love the ferocity in the emptiness of his eyes. Beautiful line work.. ahh I love it :meow:
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love you hatching!
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Love the concept, and I really feel sorry for the guy- poor lad doesn't stand a chance. :P
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this is pretty awesome!
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I love the werewolf :)
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