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2013 in review!

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Published: January 8, 2014
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It’s easy for me to get caught up in life’s day-to-day stresses that I end up missing all of the good stuff that happens, and so it seemed worth reflecting on what 2013 meant to me.  A little late to the party, but what the hell!

I’m still trying to figure out what I want and need 2014 to be, but some big takeaways:  more sleep, more art for me and not for the churning masses, more time spent in isolated cabins in the woods.  Less stress.

In the meantime, THANK YOU GUYS!  Thanks for sticking around.  Happy New Year. :)


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sabarikaHobbyist Photographer
I think you've come a loooonnnng long way since WH and Neopets, eh chica? ;P
yazie-chan's avatar
yazie-chanHobbyist General Artist
come over here and get your tats done by my boyfriend *cough cough*... hahaha

I'm glad you're achieving your goals :'D obviously the price of sleep must be paid...xD
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inkybeeHobbyist Writer
Thank YOU for sharing your art and life with us! I admire you so much and your art has influenced not only my art, but my writing too! You are my favourite artist in the whole world!
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Ink-OrporateProfessional Digital Artist
Quite a list of achievements!
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mandyminiHobbyist General Artist
my friend goes to digipen! I wonder if she took your class...
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ShalladdrinProfessional Traditional Artist
I just started playing Bioshock (ah, yes.... very late to that party) and I'm hooked. And my brain is twitching at the thought that you designed them. Congrats on being awesome. :D
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ShalladdrinProfessional Traditional Artist
Uh, and by "Them," I mean the twins. Excellent stuff. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring year, as well as your awesome art.

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AakamiHobbyist Digital Artist
wow, your year made me all envious and even more set up to do some amazing stuff myself :) that's so awesome. Hope you stay this positive (and not last-panel caught-up-in-the-stress negative) so all my fingers crossed!!
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awesome! Hope you'll have just as amazing year as this : )
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SilverilixHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Thanks back. Looks like it was an amazing year.... hope this one is easier on your sanity, but better too!
FlailingHands's avatar
You are the reason I knew that Cyan was doing anything new (and I was RAISED on Myst), and also a reason I went to my first-ever SteamCon. Thanks for posting your work, doing amazing things, and generally making the world a better place. ENJOY 2014!
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pumqinHobbyist General Artist
Very Inspiring and telling, thank you for sharing :)
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Ah that was a great year! I hope you get more sleep in this one :). More good times to you!
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ArianodHobbyist Traditional Artist
Man, your 2013 was AWESOME QwQ
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Good job! You worked super hard this year and accomplished a lot! Just don't forget to set some time for your self, in the videos for the con you looked a little tired. I think only I noticed, so don't worry too much. You're super awesome and inspirational, remember you and your health matters!
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Congrats on an amazing year!
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cptstarlightHobbyist Artisan Crafter
It sounds like if you had done just one of those things, you would have still had a pretty fine year. I know I would have.
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LOBOsuaveHobbyist Traditional Artist

GOOD FOR YOU! EVEN FOR THE PART THAT SUCKED. IT'S WHY YOU ROCK. I can only imagine my art taking me to through such a fulfilling year.

HylianJean's avatar
You did all the things! 
I fully support more art for you (and not just because the art you make for you is usually the art I like the best ::shifty glances:: ).
P.S. :heart:
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aedificoProfessional Digital Artist
Oh man, I love this little sketchy style, and I am going to STUDY these panel layouts. Also, congrats on so many accomplishments (sleep IS pretty nice though) and here's to a great 2014! :)
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You are effing amazing! How did you fit all that in yne year O.o
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ChuckDoodlesHobbyist Digital Artist
Your life is full of awesomeness!!!
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I really enjoyed this :D I just stumbled upon your page for the art, but had no idea how involved you were in my fandoms!  Definitely faving for inspiration.
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