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Good grief, it really has been a wacky time to be an artist on the intertoobs recently, hasn't it? NFTs appearing and making art theft more prominent than ever, "AI" art generators showing up with multiple major actors (INCLUDING DEVIANTART COUGH COUGH) jumping on despite very clear and significant ethical issues, Twitter being force fed the steaming fresh shits of a particularly deranged billionaire and consequently making people scramble for Twitter Except Not Twitter(tm) (which subsequently revealed many of these to be at least as problematic). It's just fucking exhausting, and this is on top of me having borderline crippling issues with my energy levels for various reasons. I just wanna post art and look at art and say nice things about art when i can manage it, i don't want to be fucking Sisyphus. Build something up, it comes crashing back down. DeviantArt as it is currently does the arting thing well enough, even though i wish they'd take a harder stance on generative images
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Welp, Twitter finally got too stupid for me, i'm gonna stop posting on there. Y'all who read this are already on one (or two) of my most active places, DA and/or FA, but for good measure i am including my Linkhub, newly updated, so you can find me on other places. Of particular note, i have set up a Telegram channel (also findable on Linkhub) where i'll be doing my unfiltered (but still SFW) dumping instead, should anyone be interested. NSFW remains confined to FA and that very brief stint on my other Twitter account. :V
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Twitter shitting itself and DeviantArt itself suddenly hopping on the AI art train, oy vey. Must admit i would direly have appreciated if i were asked before that happened, because while i'm not opposed to AI art as a tool and toy, i am opposed to artists having their voices stolen, essentially. I'm not gonna pretend that that doesn't sound pretentious, but the sheer amount of forgery that this can result in cannot go unmentioned. Will i get mad if people want to learn and recreate my style? Not at all! I'd find that quite flattering, to be honest, but it would be nice if that was done by like, actually studying my style and seeing how i do shit instead of just chucking my work into a machine and churning out an average. I don't even have a complex MO, shouldn't be too bloody hard to learn if you just know how to draw a sphere. :V But, i'm not gonna nuke my account for this reason. By now, it's not just a gallery, it's an archive. I do have everything on here saved locally (or
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Thanks for the Llama!

Drop your fucking discord I got a commission for you

If you're the mackerel i remember then i thought you had that already :V

Oh well just hop in my notes, i'm not gonna write my discord in public lol

Hey Shook, did ever you think doing another Cortex Command Mod for the Community Project?

... There's a community project? :V

I probably won't, i'm afraid. I enjoyed my time with the game and the modding of it, but i've moved on by now, and i've probably forgotten like 80% of what i knew about modding it. I'll check it out if you give me a link though, and hey, who knows if i'll fall for temptation?

Thanks. Huh, that's pretty fancy, might keep an eye on it!