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Welcome to the crew Tinkerbell

This is what could happen to if Tink were to go the Dark Side. I thought that this would make a great Tatoo 'er something.

I wonder how the Ninja corps. would feel knowing that the pirate's have "Pixie Power" on their side.

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And did she tell anyone that when the good captain got the hook there were some, ahem, 'interesting attachments' that came with it?
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Had a late friend do me a picture of Tinkerbell in pirate garb.  Aye, and ye can lay to that, mate! 
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She reminds me of Harley Quinn
Uh...Tink...looks like you "misplaced" your bloomers ;p
 i  like it   tink would make an awesome pirate pixie  keep up the good  work  
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it does seem more fitting a choice for her doesn't it? Nicely done.
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This is one of the hottest Tinkerbells I have yet to encounter. The hook is both threatening and sexual at the same time. 
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Haha, this is super epic. ^u^
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I love this! I produce the Girls Of The Con calendar and I seriously would love to have one of our girls cosplay this!
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that is pretty hot!
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absolutely brilliant!
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im running out of things to fap over!
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Sweet little badass... Great Pic!
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love this pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tooo cute! Right down to those striped stockings!!
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Drop her butt into the Fountain of Youth
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Tink's gone badd x)
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isn't tinkerbell green?
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Yep a great pirate pixie!
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I watch Peter Pan the other night for the first time in a long while. I told my gf that Tinkerbell would make a great pirate and I should draw it. She said it had already been done and she was right. I can't top this! lol Great job. I love her garb and sexy facial expression!
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