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Shadows of Oblivion #1 special edition

For those of you who are new, Shadows of Oblivion #1 features a 28 page story  taking place 5 years  after Wolf Clan disbanded in issue #0. The world has collapsed into complete and utter disorder. Cerberus, blamed for the Nord Catastrophe, now tries to earn redemption from his former Clansmen and himself as he attempts to set the world right.  It also features a 2 page backup story written by myself and illustrated by the very talented Brooke Clayton.

There were only 50 Printed and they're mostly gone! Only 1 is left, so if you want a copy, don't wait!

The special edition involves a copy if issue #1 with a customized one-of-a-kind sketch of anything you'd like!

Lets look at some sketches I've done for this so far:

One Sketch 41: Cerberus vs Scai by Shono One Sketch 42: Scai and gang by Shono One Sketch 39: Raphael by Shono One Sketch 40: Cheese Edwardo Tick by Shono One Sketch 38: Slave Leia by Shono One Sketch 37: Bad Ass Gear by Shono One Sketch 38: Slave Leia by Shono One Sketch 36: Cerberus Trunks by Shono One Sketch 35: Alma Wade by Shono One Sketch 34: Chaos Witch Quelaag by Shono One Sketch 33: 90's Gear by Shono One Sketch 32: Dragon vs Leviathan by Shono One Sketch 31: Nekotsu vs Cerberus by Shono One Sketch 28: Demon Fox Girl by Shono One Sketch 29: Demon Wolf Girl by Shono One Sketch 30: Zombie Chiefs by Shono One Sketch 27: Librarian by Shono One Sketch 25: Rocketeer by Shono One Sketch 24: Hellboy by Shono One Sketch 23: Nekoshi and Firefox Sexy by Shono One Sketch 23: Warangel and Gear Sexy by Shono One Sketch 22: Howl and Sophie by Shono One Sketch 21: Cerberus Explosion by Shono One Sketch 20: WarAngel Reaching by Shono One Sketch 19: Cerberus and Warangel by Shono One Sketch 18: Katniss vs X-23 by Shono One Sketch 17: Heavenly Sword by Shono One Sketch 16: Bayonetta by Shono One Sketch 15: Enchantress by Shono One Sketch 14: Elephantmen by Shono One Sketch 13: Weapon and WarAngel by Shono One Sketch 12: WarAngel by Shono One Sketch 11:Cerberus and Mercury by Shono One Sketch 10: Swift and Cerberus by Shono One Sketch 9: Succubus in the shower by Shono one Sketch 8: Nyx by Shono One Sketch 6: Cryton by Shono One Sketch 5: Clan Wolf by Shono One Sketch 4: She-Ra by Shono One Sketch 3: Pink Ranger by Shono One Sketch 2: Cat Girl Ninjas by Shono One Sketch 1: Steam Punk Gear by Shono

You also get an exclusive full color 8.5" by 11" print.  This print will only be available to those who get the special edition.  I won't even be posting what the artwork looks like to make it even more exclusive.  But here a couple WIP shots of the print so you have an idea of what it's about:

Exclusive print preview by Shono

Pretty cool right?  Well lets see what these bundles are in more detail...

These three bundles are:

1. SPECIAL EDITION - order now -

Price: $25 plus shipping

You get:
  • Shadows of Oblivion #1 with a one of a kind piece of art sketched on the cover. This can be of whatever you'd like, the Demon girl is just an example. Examples of past covers I've done.
  • An exclusive print of a never before seen piece of art.  This print will only be available to those who order the special edition.

Like I said earlier I only have 1 copy left. So if you're a big fan and you want to make sure you have a copy of the special edition, Don't wait I don't want you to be left out.


Last but not least. If you're a big fan and you want to get your hands on a copy, but you cannot afford the special edition prices. I do have some "budget friendly" options for you.  They don't come with any personalized sketches, or exclusive prints.  But it's the comic, and in the end, thats why you're buying this right?

So if you want to only spend $3-$4 you can get print copy of the comics. You can pick them up at Indy Planet. (just click on the link, it'll bring you to a page featuring my books.)

If you want to spend $2 you can get digital copies of the books. Issue #1 isn't available yet digitally, but you can get:

Issue #0 digitally at

Better days digitally at indyplanet digital


Thanks again for being fans everyone and for your unyielding support!  I know it might sound a bit contrived to say, but its the truth when I say I can't do this without your support.  If it wasn't for you guys, this comic wouldn't of gotten terribly drawn sketches in my sketchbook. So thank you for enjoying my art, and my stories, and for buying my books, I can't describe to you how happy it makes me to know you enjoy it!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Until then remember to Make Comics, not Excuses!

We're too lost
to lose hope
© 2012 - 2021 Shono
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devgear's avatar
Awesome bro! I think mine should be arriving any day now...can't wait:D
Shono's avatar
i hope so! And I hope you really enjoy them!!
BeigePaladin's avatar
hmmm, Shono, just wondering something; how much would it cost to ship a copy over to the UK? because I get money on friday
Shono's avatar
If you get just the special edition (just the sketch cover) it's $12 (USD) to ship to the UK it can get up to $20 if you order the collectors bundle.
Shono's avatar
oh and just incase you missed my other journal entry. If you get any of your fans or followers to pick up a copy, i'll do an additional free sketch for you!
Shono's avatar
haha thanks!
TurtleChix's avatar
If I had the money I would buy.
Shono's avatar
I'm running a deal this week. If you any of your friends or followers buy a copy of my comic, and say you were the one the refered them, then you get a free sketch from me! Any character you want.

I know that doesn't matter to some people, but those who want my art and cant afford it, its a good way to say "thank you for promoting my comic"... at least i hope it is.
TurtleChix's avatar
I wont promise that the people I give the link to will buy it but I'll try. Love your icon by the way. So life like but cartoonyish at the same time.
Shono's avatar
Much like myself! Cartoonyish but life like at the same time.... haha

And its okay if your friends aren't interested. Not everything is for everyone. I'm just giving out options!
ares12's avatar
Hey Shono, could you hold a spot for me? I'd like to order the collector's bundle, and I have my bank account linked to paypal, but unfortunately its going to take two to three days "at least" before I can transfer money. I hope it won't be too much trouble.
Shono's avatar
Hopefully not. I don't know if the incentive i just put in for this week will sell many books or not. Just so I know what I'm setting aside, are you going to get the 1 sketch cover book, or the collectors bundle with all the past books and the bonus sketch?

And remember if you get any of your friends or followers to buy a copy this week, I'll do an additional free sketch for you too!

ares12's avatar
The Collector's bundle. And as for my friends and followers, I don't think they'll be interested in buying. but I'll let them know about your comics.
Shono's avatar
Well if they do, you get a reward (and so do they for ordering) so everyone wins! haha
ares12's avatar
So, is a paypal the only option to get my hands on a special edition copy with my choice of a cover sketch?
Shono's avatar
yeah the only options are paypal, (which i recomend) or Credit card via paypal.

The second option doesn't require you to have a paypal account, but paypal will charge your credit card and put it in my paypal account. So still just as safe and doesn't require an account, just directly charges your card.
BeigePaladin's avatar
have the digital version. can't afford the non-digital one, unfortunalty, due to shipping costs
Shono's avatar
oh i didn't realize you already downloaded the digital copies.

Thanks for your support!
BeigePaladin's avatar
Queen-Koopa's avatar
wow they are so brillant
Shono's avatar
Thanks!!!! I hope you can pick up a copy!
Queen-Koopa's avatar
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