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Thank you EVERYONE who supported issue #2 and the bought one of the special editions!  Thank you for buying all 50 copies! I am SOLD OUT! It's because of you I'm able to start working on issue #3!  I better get to work!!!

There are 4 different bundles to choose from. Pick the one that matches your level of fandom! To order send me a note, click on the "Order Now" button, or send me an email to  Thank you for all of your support!

1. Special Edition -- ORDER NOW

Promotional Special edition2


2. Issue # 2 Bundle -- ORDER NOW

Promotional Duel Cover Bundle2

3. Collector's Bundle -- ORDER NOW

Promotional Collectors Bundle4

4. Completionist Bundle -- ORDER NOW

completionist Bundle2

Special edition includes:

• Limited Edition Sketch cover of Shadows of Oblivion #2. The cover sketch will be customized to whatever you'd like and will be one of a kind! No one else will have this cover to issue #2 but you!

• Exclusive print.  Like the last two times I've done this, only the people who order the special edition will get to see the print.  So if you want to know what the print looks like you'll have to order!

There are only 50 copies of the special edition available.  So make sure you get one of the last one!

How Much?

I'm offering 4 different bundles of the special edition to choose from. Each one designed for fans who've been following me from the beginning and for fans who just found out and want to catch up.

1. Special Edition - $25 (plus shipping): You get a copy of Shadows of Oblivion #2 with your customized sketch cover.

2. Issue #2 Bundle - $30 (plus shipping): Just like number one, but in addition you'll get the regular cover edition of issue #2. (Perfect if you want to keep your sketch cover in perfect condition, you'll still have the other copy to read.)

3. Collectors Bundle - $40 (plus shipping): You receive the sketch cover like in the first bundle. But also the Trade Paperback "Resist & Defy." (which collects issues 0-2) and the One-Shot "Better Days."

4. Completionist Bundle - $60 (plus shipping): You receive everything Shadows of Oblivion has printed. The sketch cover of issue #2, regular cover of issue #2. The TPB "Resist & Defy." The One-Shot "Better Days."  Issue #1. AND Issue #0 with a bonus sketch inside the issue.

Plus all bundles get an Exclusive print.

How do I order?

EASY! Send me a note, OR Click on the "ORDER NOW" links to send me an email, OR send me an email to and in the subject line write "Special Edition".

In the email give me your name, Which bundle you'd like, the address you'd like me to mail the comics to, and what you'd like me to sketch on the cover. (and if you got the completionist bundle tell me what you'd like me to sketch inside issue #0.)  I'll then calculate the price  including shipping and reply back with your final cost and how to pay. (hint, it's via paypal.)

Once payment is received You'll have yourself a reserved copy!

Pretty easy right?
Thank you everyone who has supported me an this book! I look forward to doing sketches for all of you!

If you have any questions feel free to email me.

And remember! Make Comics! Not Excuses!!

Note:  If you've bought a special edition from me in the past and wish to customize a bundle all you have to do is ask.  I'm willing to accommodate you so you have as many comics as you want, no more, no less!
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Congrats on selling all of them! Those last few went really fast. Can't wait to see what you do with No. 3! :)