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i love art!
art art art


So if you're interested send me a note and we'll get you into a slot!!

And here are the general price guides and rules:

Character Bust (One character , Head and Shoulders without background)
1 - Pencil sketch = $5
PRIZE COMMISSION: Kagefusa Manyuu by Shono
2 - Finished Pencils = $25
COMMISSION: Xelyanna by Shono
3 - finished Inks = $35
4 - Gray toned (similar to a Manga) = $45
5 - Color = $55

Character full body (One character , Head to toe (or most of the body depending on how composition dictates), no background.)

1 - Pencil sketch = $10
Illyana Rasputin by Shono
2 - Finished Pencils = $40
COMMISSION: Evil and tAF by Shono
3 - finished Inks = $50
COMMISSION: The Pangaean by Shono
4 - Gray toned = $60
Inksketch: Jonni Future by Shono
5 - Color = $70
COMMISSION: Elf Ranger by Shono

6 - With Background = add $5 - $25 to cost depending on the commission type (pencil sketch being $5, $25 being for color)
COMMISSION: Hawkgirl by Shono

7 - Each Additional Character (In the same picture) $5-$25 depending on the commission type (pencil being $5, $25 for full color)
COMMISSION: Dark Elves by Shono

* All work will be Sent to you as a hi resolution tiff file through email unless the original art is requested.

* Original art can be sent only for pencil and ink commissions. Digital prints can be sent for the toned and colored pieces.

* Requests for the original art or digital print will be charged an additional fee for shipping and materials.

* If you are interested send me a note or email. Include the what commission you want (sketch, full color or whatever) Character/pose/situation, and a link to a reference photo of this character.

* I accept pay pal for payment. And payment must be received in full before i start work.

* I work on commissions in the order they were paid for.

*I work on the commissions as quickly as I can, but they take a back seat to any professional comic book work I may get. So large projects may delay when you get your commission.

* I reserve the right to refuse any commissions.

* Even if the copyright of a character belongs to another individual, I maintain copyright ownership of all artwork created, and reserve the right to display artwork, either original or copy anywhere i deem appropriate (websites, portfolios, conventions, etc). That doesn't mean you can't show off your artwork and post it (as long as you are giving me proper credit and linking to me).  It just means you can't go around printing it and selling the artwork, or belly aching that I'm displaying the work in my portfolio.

*PLEASE NOTE: These rates are for pin up commissions for private use. which essentially means for your own personal enjoyment. Sequential art, Cover art, and/or Pin ups for publications and/or commercial use have a different rates, and you can contact me for more details.  (This means that if you commission me here for artwork, and you use it on the cover of your comic, or sell the image on t-shirts, your in deep trouble unless you pay for the commercial licensing rights.)
You can use it to illustrate a story your posting here on DA only but I have rules for that, so ask me for more details

Okay i think that covers it all!  Happy commissioning!

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to lose hope
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LadyDreamMaker's avatar
YEI!! I am in the list now ji ji
Shono's avatar
You are! Sorry it's taken so long to get through these!
LadyDreamMaker's avatar
Ja ja ja dont worry  and get fun drawin her!! n_n
Shono's avatar
I hope I do!.....
Leanarda's avatar
Thursday!!!! Why must you be so far away! Me want but not till Thursday. :( 
Shono's avatar
Well maybe there will be a spot open on thursday! keep your fingers crossed!
plpd1871's avatar

Talked me into it Shawn,

Gimme that 2 spot.

Shono's avatar
done and done!
AliasArtworks's avatar
i like futurama. its a great satire. i actually have never watched or read TMNT though
Shono's avatar
You totally should. the new nickelodeonTMNT cartoon is pretty good.  But the new IDW comic is even better!
plpd1871's avatar
WOOHOO I made it to sketched, the excitedness has begun.....
Shono's avatar
Yup I sent you an email of the sketch. let me know if you approve before I move forward.
Predator4170's avatar
So there is 2 openings for commissions, i will maybe a Finished Pencils = $25. I guess i should send the money over by PayPal or some other way.
Shono's avatar
the finished pencils for $25 is for a bust (head and shoulders.)

Money is sent via paypal.  But send me a private note first so we can hammer out all the details before you send money. 
Predator4170's avatar
Alright i will do that for now on. :)
Cyber-Angel-Rowan's avatar
I know you have dollar signs firmly displayed in your price range up there, but I felt I should ask regardless: Do you take points? My apologies if you've been asked this before and I don't really want to commission anything right now, I was just wondering.
Shono's avatar
I do not.  Until Deviant Art lets me convert points back into money (without taking a percentage)  Or until my landlord, and local grocery store start taking DA points  I have to only accept legal currency. 
Cyber-Angel-Rowan's avatar
Right. I just wanted to know. No need to be sarcastic.
Shono's avatar
No sarcasm, i'm being sincere. If either of those happen I'll happily take DA points. but until then I can't.
Predator4170's avatar
Man this is hard for me to think about since that i am tight on money right now. 
Shono's avatar
That's fine.  I'm not going anywhere. (at least I'm not planning on it.)  Just let me know when you do have the funds!
kluangdude's avatar
yay! mine's being sketched! :D
Shono's avatar
Yup just started it last night!  Hopefully have it sketched later today...
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