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Vampire Hunter - Liam Brunner by ShonnaWhite Vampire Hunter - Liam Brunner by ShonnaWhite

Vampire Hunter Liam Brunner – Master of Battle

When Storm enters the fight vampires run. Unlike Lieutenant Wolf he shows no compassion, empathy, or hesitation when he kills. Vampires regard him with as much respect as they do terror, sometimes to a curious degree. He was named Storm when he joined the Alley and chose to put his past behind him, giving up everything including his name. The only hints of what he left behind is his faded Dublin accent. Storm now serves as second in command at the Alley installation known as the League, situated in the prairies outside Calgary, Alberta. The only one above him is Brigadier General Felix Highlander, an exacting man, yet one who holds Storm up as the pinnacle of what a vampire hunter should be: unflinching and bound to duty.

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Lost Infernal Banner by ShonnaWhite

   Having brushed her tragic past behind a twisted sense of humor, Lieutenant Estellia Highlander lives to be the best. When a god-like vampire returns fifty years after nearly destroying the Alley, the military division she works for orders Estellia to assassinate him. Their hopes to prevent another war lies within the powerful mutation she carries that makes her more like the target she hunts than to humans. Her mission takes her deep into vampire society where she discovers that something far more sinister than the Paragon vampire Michael Bayne is emerging. If she and Michael cannot work together to defeat the rising darkness, humanity could be lost.


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