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Paragon Vampire The ShadowCrafter – Corruption Embodied

The ShadowCrafter is the most feared Paragon vampire in existence. No one wants to draw the attention of this immensely powerful man, leading vampire society to turn a blind-eye to his existence, and that of his clan. Most will openly avoid any physical contact with either the Paragon or his Descendants, fearing becoming infected by the corruption they house. Even other Paragon take measures to ensure their safety, making sure those they feed from are clean of his taint before accepting them as one of their donors – and take great measures to keep them that way.

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Lost Infernal Banner by ShonnaTheWhite

   Having brushed her tragic past behind a twisted sense of humor, Lieutenant Estellia Highlander lives to be the best. When a god-like vampire returns fifty years after nearly destroying the Alley, the military division she works for orders Estellia to assassinate him. Their hopes to prevent another war lies within the powerful mutation she carries that makes her more like the target she hunts than to humans. Her mission takes her deep into vampire society where she discovers that something far more sinister than the Paragon vampire Michael Bayne is emerging. If she and Michael cannot work together to defeat the rising darkness, humanity could be lost.


The Lost Infernal promo video is now up on YouTube. Go check it out!



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genious, .. dark sweet , no questions xD he just takes what he wants, perfect
Me encantan esos ojos! Increíbles! Y la historia es mas que interesante, también. 
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Muchas gracias! Esta es una de mis obras favoritas
¿Tienes algún libro sobre ellos? ¿Alguna manera de seguirlos si lo hay? 
ShonnaTheWhite's avatar
Estoy trabajando en la edición final de la serie de libros en este momento . Una breve precuela está fuera aunque. Puede encontrar más información sobre él (y la precuela ) en

Debo sonar terrible. Estoy usando el traductor de Google!
No, te defiendes muy bien. Estoy mirando tu libro y tengo que usarlo yo para poder comprender lo que pone, pero merece la pena. Me encantaría estar al tanto de lo que publiques, soy nueva en esta página y no se muy bien como lograrlo, salvo por guardar en favoritos una imagen (como hice ya) espero que no incomode. 
Muchas gracias por tus respuestas y perdona el incordio de tener que traducir todo. Espera... 

No, you defend very well. I 'm looking at your book and I have to use me to understand what it says , but worth it . I would love to be aware of what you post , I 'm new here and do not really know how to do , except Add to favorite an image ( as I did ) I hope not bother . Thank you very much for your answers and forgive the nuisance of having to translate everything . I hope you understand!
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Bienvenido a DeviantART entonces! Si quieres ver a alguien , ir a su pantalla principal ( con la mía es ) . En la parte superior , cerca de la derecha , habrá un botón + reloj . Haga clic en ese . Puedo publicar más cosas sobre el libro en Twitter y Facebook , que aquí, sin embargo. Tengo los enlaces para mi otros medios sociales en la sección de comentarios de cada uno de mis dibujos .
Muchas gracias por la bienvenida! Y por toda la amabilidad y paciencia que esta teniendo conmigo. Creo que ya la añadí para tenerla en las páginas que pueden avisarme de cualquier nueva obra y he visto en la principal un montón de dibujos, todos muy buenos (y que echare un vistazo) al igual que me pasaré por esas páginas. 
De nuevo gracias y espero que sigamos en contacto ^^ 

Thank you very much for the welcome ! And for all the kindness and patience that is taking me. I think it 's added to her in the pages that can warn of any new developments and seen in the main a lot of drawings , all good (and which lieth out ) as well as pass me by these pages. Thanks again and I hope we keep in touch ^^
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Estoy bastante activo de aquí y los medios de comunicación social. Mándeme una línea de tiempo en tiempo , y divertirse!
Who was your inspiration for this one..
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This is actually a character from a book I'm going to be releasing, Lost Infernal. 
You can learn more about him here:…
*talks to the poster* You can cast your shadow upon me anytime baby! *winks*
Now back to the real world...Can I ask a small, little, tiny question? Shadow Crafter is like a nickname (or title), right? I mean, does he have another name? Like, you know, his human name before becoming Paragon?
ShonnaTheWhite's avatar
The name, the ShadowCrafter, has been given to him by the other vampires to make him not one of them. That's how . . . wonderful . . . he is.
It is a title he dislikes. His real name is Jereth.
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*takes notes in book* definitely will call him Jereth instead of shadow crafter.... maybe once or twice on a very very very rare occasion to be a tease. ;P
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Hahaha, then I'll quote the book for you so you can see what his reaction is like.

Jereth was not affected the way she thought he would be. He smiled with deep amusement before sliding his hand into her hair. Gripping tightly, he pulled her head back and drifted toward her ear.

“Perhaps you should consider that I have the power to make you live for eternity begging for death before you open your mouth again, hmm?” 

FirstDarkAngel2001's avatar
*giggles* I wouldn't expect anything less of him *nodnod* but it would still be fun! Of course, that would only be when I am not a new person or an annoyance. ^^'
FirstDarkAngel2001's avatar
hottest character in lost infernal alert! XD!!!
ShonnaTheWhite's avatar
Hahahah, have you seen the one I put of of him and Michael together?
FirstDarkAngel2001's avatar
yesh I have. That one is practically nosebleed worthy, and makes many a woman sworn and faint with seeing two hotties staring intently at them whenever they click on the image to see it. ^^
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Just wondering, but do you read the Black Dagger Brotherhood book series? I just made the connection between your drawings and the series because it really seems like something you'd be interested in. Because, if you do, you should start a series on illustrating the characters. It would be amazing!

Anywho, long time no talk, so I just wanted to pop in and remind you about how fantastic all your work is :)
Keep it up!! ^^
ShonnaTheWhite's avatar
I haven't read them, actually. Though they've been suggested to me a few times. :)

And thank you very much! I always appreciate hearing from people.
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