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A traditionnal drawing I've done after reading LumyTheQueen 's comment (she wanted to see Lysea's collection of guns).
So, here it is a little sample of her works... They are inspired by their real life counterparts for the most...

Done on an A4 (21*29,7 cm) format paper and the use of DELETER Neopiko-line-2 pens.
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Awesome piece. So many elements.

You get my follow

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Pour le peu que j'ai lu d'Outlaw Players (3 tomes), Lysea fait partie des persos les plus bad ass que j'ai pu découvrir dans un manga =)
fait plus d'illustration des persos principaux de ton manga plz ! 
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OMG!! Lysea!!! I can't believe I got to see this!!! Thank you so much, Shonensan!!! She looks absolutely amazing. Your art is fantastic, as always. Please, let me know where I can get a hold of your Outlaw Players work. ^.^  I wanna read it!!!
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Wonderful details and character in black and white!
Compliments f rom Paris!
Tsuuuuuuuuuugéééééééééééééééééééééééééééééééé !!!!
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*checks your gallery* You have- sort of!!! 8D FANTASTIC!!!! 
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Whoa, that is some serious Awesome she is packing.  Nice work!
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Fuck! this is amazing
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At first glance, I thought it was for sure digital. Come to read your discription, it's not only by hand, but flawless (from my eyes) your lines are very presise, and I can't find anything wrong with your lighting and shadowing.

On a more character side question. I'm nervous to see the room where she stores all tha ammo for these guns... *shutter*

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Oh man, that detail. And everything. And oh shit it's not even digital.

Fantastic work, keep it up.
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Pow, la claque ! bravo !
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When I first saw the inking, I was instantly reminded of American comic book style. Again, I may be wrong to associate it with that, but the fact it looks that way while being manga makes this extremely gripping and amazing. It's wonderful!

Your gallery has definitely earned a watch from me :)
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That is sexy and ARTGASMIC!!!!!!!!! You my friend are a master of ink! 8D
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This is magnificent! Very inspiring for manga artists who lack in detail such as myself. :O
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damn i am in love with this pic~~~ so much detail<333333
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Amazing graphic piece, your detail ink level is sick! Works like this are the ones who inspires the seek of perfection and improvement on other fellow artists, like me. Thanks for sharing it :)
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Something tells me she likes guns...
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I'm not gonna lie. I'm am very impressed. The amount of detail in this piece is....words fail me. I don't know what else to say other than ...oh man, I am seriously struggling to make a decent comment on this.

mE leikey teh kewl picture!!!!1!11!1!!

But seriously, This is just down right awesome. I have no doubt at all that this is the culmination of years of practice and run-of-the-mill natural talent. Kudos my friend. Kudos.
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