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Dizzy CG version

Oy, it's been a while I haven't posted something but since I promised to show a color version of my Dizzy lineart, here it goes for the result...
I guess I'm getting used of Photoshop now, but there are still a lot of tools I don't even know the use of... One thing is sure, I'm getting addicted of this software!! ^_^ Though, I should work on Painter someday if I don't want to completely forget about it =_= .
No need to tell you this is a fanart from the UBER well-known game series Guilty Gear, heh!! ^_^
See ya all!!

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je veux pas avoir l'air de ramener ma science mais je crois avoir vu ton fanart dans guilty gear XX.... ou alors je me suis trompée mais je suis sûre qu'il y est!

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really love this pic of dizzy
Lord-Of-Rabbits's avatar
Dizzy!!!! my childhood come back to me now!!!
Tyranous-King's avatar
i really love her wings
kai-pachi's avatar
If you teach me the ways of your awesome, i will trade you my soul.
This would be a sick tattoo!
LukeTheRipper's avatar
Whoah... I'm not really a fan of her... but this pic is WAAAAAAAAAAAY to amazing to not to fav...
The greatest fanart of Dizzy i've ever seen !
Thx =D
silvereyedsurfer's avatar
love dizzy!!!!!!!! but i loved more the 1 you had that she was like standin still and was more anazing :( and it was in your site too :(
Hellknight10's avatar
wonderful coloring job :clap:
arkane0078's avatar
this is really good :D
skullmunky's avatar
awsome work I lovz dizzy
Kappuke-Ki's avatar
Is there any way you can make this a poster?
alphasheep05's avatar
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This pic is just way too perfect, you nailed the wings. Instant fav!
Jonathancao5's avatar
that looks so sick :clap:
pics like these makes me want to start using photoshop lol
WayneKun's avatar
One of my fave chars besides may
RemyArtt's avatar
EXCELLENT!!! I love it!!!!! :D
shaggyoz's avatar
I love it :dance: NuFF Said!
Daggera's avatar
I love her face, clearly shows innocence..
Akumu09's avatar
AWESOME! I only started playing Guilty Gear a few weeks ago. It took me awhile, but I fell in love with Dizzy. She's so awesome with her wings and tail. The whole picture turned out just wonderful! How Dizzy looks so innocent and at the same time scared or embarassed about her wings, and how the Death one looks like its going to attack and the Angel one looks...Well, I don't really know what she's thinking..But she turned out awesome as well! :w00t:
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Finally, someone who does a GORGEOUS version of Dizzy. <3
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