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Hi there!!

Well, since I'm a big fan of Ito Ogure mangaka, I thought it was time for me to draw a fanart of one of his manga... ^_^
That's why I've chosen to draw a fanart of Air Gear and Agito to be more accurate ^_^ .
But since my photoshop kind of sucks lately, I had some hard time to do it... Otherwise, I should make a fanart of Akito next time, yeah...

It was done with Photoshop !!

Shonen, fan of Air Gear...
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F**k, that f*cking cool ! Its f**kwesome!
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After all these years.. I have found the original QuQ
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Let's kill 'em dead!!!!!!
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Akito is my id and ikki dancing is my webcam.... well for now XD I luv agito and akito!!!!!
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Aaah! I love Air Gear, and Agito is one of my favorite characters! 
The coloring is so lovely! *o*
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Wow your soo guud *____________*
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i love the textured effect and the details are just off the hook amazing
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do ikki after akito
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awesome detail, awesome... awesome... just awesome!
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this picture is amazing
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That is just...badass :iconiwantitplz:
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I love it! Iit's amazing!
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"But since my photoshop kind of sucks lately"
If that is you sucking, my friend, my brain would blow up if it was you doing good~
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YEAAH!! juste comme ca j'voudrais savoir c'est en combien de dpi l'image ? :)
(et cets pour quand la suite de BB project ? )
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Agito: Kickin' as and takin' badges since episode 9
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HOLY SHIT BALLS! that must have taken you years, well it would take me years. EPIC!
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I've seen this pic around for a few years... and it's still as awesome as ever x3
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Woah, awesome work! I loce how you did it!
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