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Favourite genre of music: Original soundtracks... Video game music especially!!
Favourite style of art: Nearly all kinds of style!!
Favourite cartoon character: Touko AOZAKI
Personal Quote: Too busy to think about something cool...

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Craig Mullins, Tsukushi, Imperial Boy, HTK, Takamichi, Oh!Great, Oiwa kenji... A lot!!
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Battlefield 3
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Playstation 2, Dreamcast, XBOX 360, PC...
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games, drawings, hanging around, sleeping...
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Hi guys, Last time I talked about some coming surprise and now I can tell you there is some promotional video for my upcoming comics !! You can check it out here !! It's short (about 30 seconds) but it was possible thanks to studio Gonzo ! I had great fun working with them and the result is far beyond what I expected. Well, it may give a hint about how would look Outlaw Players if it were an animated series... Don't get me wrong, an anime is nowhere to happen soon, this is a promotional trailer, nothing else. See ya !! Shonen
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Hi everybody ! I won't give any unnecessary speech so let's get it straight : "Outlaw Players is getting an official release !" Well, to be honest, I never expected this to happen to my old webcomic (2002) but I have to thank publisher Ki-Oon for this chance ! You can have a look at the cover in their website. The first issue will be available in french in July, the 7th 2016 and sorry for the late announcement. There is another surprise about Outlaw Players coming soon... But that's all for now and see you guys ! Shonen
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Hi, Sorry for the lack of news but I just wanted to say it won't be any better from now on. I'm really busy these last months but on the bright side, this is due to some personal project I'm working on for a publisher. Thus I apologize if some of you were awaiting something new from me... Well, I'm not the kind to share my daily life and social media doesn't mean that much to me. But still, if you want to have a look to some new and old drawings I did to fans, you can check this facebook page : This page is from a friend of mine to gather fans of my works and he did some good job to update it in a re
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When You discover a Great artist but he's been inactive for years now, feelsbadman
He's working on his manga Outlaw Players, the vol 7 just got out 13 days ago
does he have any other place where he post his arts?
Sadly no, there is a facebook page with some art but in French
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The group can be found here and is always open for new members that are interested in RPing, writing stories, drawing, or even all of the above.

Theme: Fantasy

Plot: The world in separeted into two main kingdoms that have been living in peace for as long as they can remember. This changes when one of the kingdoms grows tired of living in the shadow of it's ally, and decides to split the alliance. At the same time, more and more quarrels begin to happen between the two, and are gradually leading the two kingdoms into a war between each other.

The group offers a variety of races to choose from, events as the plot progresses, a good time with other members, and the possibility to design creatures and flora for the group.

Everyone that is interested is welcome, information about how to join can be found on the front page of the group

I love BB project :'(
Hey shonen!  Where's outlaw players man!?  GET THAT STUFF PUBLISHED!  With anime like Sword Art Online, and Log Horizon doing so well right now, I'm sure it'd be picked up instantly!  Hope all is well can't wait to see the Scans of Outlaw Players!