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this is Shonen Punk custom & shonen punk! custom bold. i wanted to make a free comic font. buts somethng that still hass that freehand/mini comic feel. : D maybe one day ill make a shonenpunk! pro. lol

This is basically how i letter comics by hand SPC bold is for liek yelling and stuff. cuz it looks cool like that .

If you DL plz fav. ^_^
© 2006 - 2021 shonenpunk
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Thank you so much for sharing!
Used on my comic here:
Puzzle Nostrum 001_08 by Zeptomone
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I'm definitely going to give credit, but is this font totally free to use? Commercially and all?
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This font is awesome! you rock!
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Total fave. I can so use this for my Bleach manga.
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fav big time.
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dude, can I use your font for my comic book logo?
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Wow can't wait to use this! It looks like an awesome font!
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I really like this font. I will give you credit on the website I use it for, and directly link back here if people wish to read it. I coordinate an art group and thought I'd give this font a shot on the main website page. :) Thankyou very much!
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i hate that there are over a thousand downloads and only 26 favourites.
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hah thats makes 2 of us xD
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Good for ANGRY words. :)
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Talk about orgasmic.
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free please 8D
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Well this is coooooool!! Very helpful..
By the way.. already used it
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sweet. and thanks : D
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That is pretty cool man. I like the scratchiness.
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