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Font: Adam warren 0.2

see description lol
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Amazing font!
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So pretty Love it !!^0^~
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Impressive. Most impressive.
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Is this font available for everyone to use?
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Thanks for the font!
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Great typography! This font makes me happy (which is usually hard to say about script font, in my opinion). Thanks for providing this font! ^_^
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Can i use this as standard for my comic?
i'll show you when it's done! :D
Great font!! Really thx!!
Great brushes!! Really thx!!
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Thanks Dude. Very nice font. Appreciate it.
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Thanks for making this! This is awesome, love the ruggedness.
I'll be using this now. X3
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This is great looking!
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awesome... thanks alot :)
Like Comic
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Ohboy! :)

Here's what I've been producing in the way of "10-Minute Manga" [link] -- comic sans right now, lame but ... well, we could at least say it is "readable". :XD: I'm looking forward to trying these out on the next pages.
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thats pretty rad.
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Thank you. :) I'm sort of an "old skool" manga artist -- I've learned the most from Osamu Tezuka, Reiji Matsumoto, and Hayao Miyazaki, with some Yasuko Aoike and Etsuko Ikeda thrown in. Well, and Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, and Gene Colan... all mooshed together in my brain. :XD:

Hmm, maybe I'm not "old skool" as much as "funky skool"? :)
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haha tahts awesome. i dont get influenced by any modern manga personally. some of its pretty funky though xD I think my main influences would be Kōsuke Fujishima, Kenichi Sonoda, Ken Akamatsu,Yuji Shiozaki, adam warren. fred perry, joe mad. and a chunk of indie artists xDD
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I think I recognized maybe two names on your list. :blushes: So many cool artists and comics, so little time! I only just discovered "Order of the Stick". Hopefully I can catch up on the neat stuff out there. :boing:
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I'm sure you can theres good stuff in bad packages too so keep your eyes peeled :P
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