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I made thsi for mah comic the journey huzzah

if u download fav plz
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I'm starting a comic so I hope its okay if I use this if I credit you. 
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looks awesome thanks :)
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Oooh, I searched so long for something like this,
thank you bunches for this :love:
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Cool!! It'll be very useful!!! :)
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This will be some really handy font to use in comic for the fan comic I'm doing.
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I love this font. It works great with manga.
Thanks for sharing it!
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glad you liked it :)
Thanks. I like it
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Downloaded this because of the name :p It's good though
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Very nice, though I would suggest a small tweak in making the spaceing a little wider so each word don't kinda go into one anotherso the words can be more clearly read and not look to much like one long line of letters.

Othjer then that it is very nice.
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Many thank-yous for the font(s)! :boing: I downloaded this one and "Webcomic Whore", and if I can figure out how to get 'em loaded into Winders I'll try them out in my "10-Minute Manga". :)
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W00t! They work!! I'm a happy manga-scribbler! I've been living with Winders default fonts for so long, having a variety made for comics to choose from is wonderful. I really appreciate the work you put into these.

Would you like a link to the next page I do using the fonts? :boing:
And I'll be happy to post a link back to you when I use 'em. I believe in giving credit where due. :dance:
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yeah thatd be cool. remember to show em too. cuz its caught my interest xD
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Finally got some new manga pages done and posted with your cool fonts. :boing:

Here they are: [link]



I really like how the fonts look and fit in the word balloons. Thanks again! :D
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thank you. i think i'll make use of this <3
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Hmm... ...-evil glint- This just might actually do really well...Thanks for this!
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no prob glad u can use it :)
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