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.: Please Read & Understand the rules & FAQs :.

1. Click 'Join' button -> we Auto accept you.

2. Submit artwork -> click the right folder! (exp: picture of cosplays, to Cosplay Folder) If NOT we will deny your submission.

3. Art -> 100% original fan art -> Base on any Shonen Jump mangas or its sisters magazine (please look at our homepage to see some examples of manga are with Shonen Jump) NO COPIED EXISTING IMAGE FROM ORIGINAL MANGA/ANIME.

4. Art & Craft? -> Yes we do accept them as long they are following rules

5. Fandom OC? -> we accept your artwork if the original Canon is with your OC.

6. It's a NO, NO! -> Collab, copied artwork, manga panels, traced or screen grabs, poorly scanned, photo manipulation (except cosplay's photo manipulation), taken poorly snapped picture of your artworks, etc.

7. Quality Artwork -> Good to Excellent! -> Any visible errors will be denied! (exp: illogical anatomy, sketchy or too sketchy, unfinished artwork, Unorganized picture, using photo as background, etc)

8. Echii, mature artwork? -> we accept it as long you 'mature' tagged and following our rules.

9. Do you accept Drawing? -> Yes we do accept drawings, but it must be following our rules.

10. What is Drawing? -> Just visit this artist Gallery Abz-J-Harding you will understand between drawing, sketching and finished artworks. This artist is the best example if you wish to submit your Drawing. (Please bare in mind Drawing & complete 'Painted' artwork is not the same thing)

11. How many per submission? -> 2 artwork MAX per week (each folders)

12. Literature? -> we are 'fan art' fan group not 'fanfiction' fan group.

13. Question 'Why we denied your artwork?' -> Please use 'Correspondent Messages' page, we like to answer your question privately.

14. Question 'How is your voting system?' -> We have several admins who will be voting your artwork base on our quality standards. All votes are subjective as each person views the world differently. This means that there will be fluctuations in what is and is not accepted. Different staff different views.

15. Please be nice to the admins -> because we are human being behind the monitor screen not a robot.

16. We are not THE 'OLD' SHONEN JUMP GROUP, we are THE NEW SHONEN JUMP GROUP that have raised our group qualities.


Gallery Folders

Yorkshin Kurapika by yuerise
Goku mastered migatte no gokui by Yo--Nashi
GIORNO GIOVANNA. by MaewenMitzuki
Ao no Exorcist
Mephisto Pheles by MetalDBN
Crumble in the Flames by Clori-Eden
Rin by Kuzomari
Shura Kirigakure by TheFresco
Jojo's Bizzare Adventure
Dio Brando - Phantom Blood by iahme2
Gothic Rice by ClotheshangerIV
Giorno and Jonathan  - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure by iahme2
Jojo - Chibi Jotaro and SP by 1-084
Naruto by Miko-Bura
Naruto by Miko-Bura
Nami 35 by MinoruneTomo
Kageyama from Haikyuu 2 by Heatray2009
baby yoda vs frieza by DemonG3
Fusion Potara Sakasa Ackeruno by AtlasMaximus
Boku No Hero x Dungeons and Dragons crossover by iurypadilha
New love by Tuliharja-art
Rangiku Matsumoto - Bleach by souzaclucas
quincy ichigo vs hogyoku ulquiorra by AuroraArchangel369
inner hollow by AuroraArchangel369
Water tricks by Tuliharja-art
Kanda Yuu by Kzira03
lavi by TaiTill
73056492 by TaiTill
D.Gray-Man Hallow Tyki Mikk by darkn2ght
Death Note
L Vs Light by MetalDBN
Trickster by ObscurumOpus
I love apples by Alucard4
L(Death Note) by Karina-Sokolowa
Dragon Ball
Great Saiyaman (Gohan) - Hero of Justice by SketchMeNot-Art
Chi Chi by Zadoxz
Future Gohan Dragon Fist by Daisuke-Dragneel
I will go through you! (pencil) by chr85esp
EyeShield 21
Kongo Agon by AkubakaArts
Yoichi Hiruma plushie by Tere-Sama
Eyeshield 21 Sena by toziamaterasu
Tauromaquth-Sin and Sena by LemonPo
Hikaru no Go
Hikaru No Go: The Hand Of God by SuzyKay
sneaky by gothbus
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Naruto 2
Naruto and Hinata W/Baby Boruto by Daisuke-Dragneel
Naruto Folder Full
Guren's death by Valandil0
One Piece
Trafalgar Law - One Piece by iahme2
Rurouni Kenshin
Shishio Makoto by toonerart
Shaman King
SEIFUKU Inktober 2019 [Day 25] by Hanapen
The Prince of Tennis
[03.05] Yukimura HBD 2019 by Tenkana
YuYu Hakusho
HIEI. by MaewenMitzuki
Takuto Yureshiki/Trent Yingate. (Yu-Gi-Oh! OC) by YuNocts19
CHIBI / Demon Slayer - Tanjiro and Giyu by Mo-chalina
Nami 2005-2013-2017 by AlinaJames
My Hero Academia
Midoriya - my hero academia by Soliduskim
The King of The Court by Skyavii
Archive II
Joseph Joestar by MCAshe
One Punch Man
Fukuda's halloween by Mimioni
Bakuman_by_Anael by anaellane
Boku no Hero Academia


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Hello Everyone!

Now, you can submit your deviation into My Hero Academia and Jojo's Bizzare Adventure folders.

And, sorry for the expired deviant submission lately. I'm still a bit lonely here. Will try my best maintaining this group.  So, just wanted you to know that this group is still alive and kickin'.

Last, If you have any concern about why your deviation is rejected or perhaps any feedback about how this group works, we're all ears. Just send us your feedback!

Thank you for staying and have a good day!
Hi Everyone,

Apparently, these new folders don't show up in the group submission option. So for now, please submit your Jojo's, Haikyuu, and BnHA arworks into 'Other' folder. We're trying to solve this problem.

Please wait for further notice. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience...


Hi Everyone! :ahoy:

How's life? Hope everything is great on your side! :)

I'm here to inform you a few things.
First.  I've created a specific folder for some titles. They are Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Boku no Hero Academia, One Punch Man, and Haikyuu!!. Please submit your respective deviation in those folders.

Second. Please read the group Rules & FAQs on the group front page. I'm kind of lonely here so I will be really appreciate your effort to read those rules before submitting your deviations.

Third. It has been told many many times: Fairy Tail is not from Shonen Jump.

Sorry (again!) for the lack of updates and the delayed response in submission approval.

Thanks and have a nice day!
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Bunny Emoji-88 (Hello) [V5]
Hi there, I am a beginner artist. I share my drawing process on YouTube. With your kindness and support, you can check it from this link.
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Is this group active? None of my submissions have been accepted
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I started doing commissions!! \(^0 ^)/
Check the info and some of my works and feel free to contact me with no compromise

-COMMISSION INFO- *OPEN*✨Hello everyone, I decided to try to do some commissions so I'll leave here the info for anyone interested. You can ask with no compromise 😊 ✨How to contact me 📡You can contact me via DeviantArt Note but to specify details I'd prefer an e-mail, but whatever you prefer. E-mail: Give me as many details as you can. Also, I'll work by default on 3508x4961p but knowing what file dimensions you want would be cool. Important note:*I'M PRACTICING DRAWING BACKGROUNDS AND LIGHTS BUT I'M NOT REALLY GOOD AT IT YET SO KEEP THAT IN MIND*I'll accept the commission once I consider I have enough info about it. Payment 💸Once the commission has been accepted, you will be required to pay in advance at least half of the price. Standard prices would be Headshot (7) Half body (15) Full body (25) [ 8USD, 18USD and 30USD aprox. respectively ] Please, know that these prices are subject to vary depending on the complexity of the request, like if you simply want line art or flat color or if you want complex posing and multiple elements, to name some examples. These details shall be discussed once I get all the info about the requestPayment will be made via PaypalTime and Refunds ⌛◼ The amount of time it could take me depends of course on the complexity of the request but I'd ask you to be patient since I'm also studying and don't have all the spare time I'd want. But I'll try not to exceed more than a few weeks (could be less, could be more. As I said, I have other duties to attend). ◼ If I feel like I'm overwhelmed with stuff to do and it's taking me or could take me too long to complete, I'll make you know that I don't see myself capable of properly finish it or ask you if you don't mind to wait a bit longer. If the answer is no and in the first case, I'll refund you what you payed in advance. But I'll try to manage my time as best as I canMethods and Personal use ✏I will provide updates on the process every now and then in case there's something you'd like to change and you can use the final piece for personal use however you want but if you want to share it I'd ask for some credit, naturally. I could use the piece to post it on social media (tagging the client if they want) and maybe on a portfolio with your acknowledgement.What I do:◼ Fanart (I'd feel more motivated if it's about anime and videogames) ◼ Your original character ◼ Possibly drawing a person as an anime character portrait What I don't do: ◼ NSFW content ◼Abusive/violent or offensive content ◼ Furry art (I suck at drawing animals)Feel free to send me something and I'll give you my best!! (ฅ`ωฅ)You can also buy me a coffee if you want :3some examples of works I've done:,,,
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Fist of Strongest Fighter Cover Akuma vs Yujiro by TIPComicsTeam
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Hello. Is anyone managing this group? The My hero Academia/Boku no Hero Academia folders are closed :/
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Thank you for accepting me.
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Cloud you add:

Black Clover
Demon Slayer
Chainsaw Man
Jiujitsu Kaisen
The Promised Neverland
Dr. Stone
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