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Twilight: "Terribly hot today, isn't it?"
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I love the Latex catsuit so much!
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i love you my Twily  Love 
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My god I love how u draw Twi. :3
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Smash: Hey, sweetheart. You've been working all night. Don't you think you've done enough for now?
Twilight: But I need to get all my princess reports ready for the yearly meeting at the Crystal Empire!
Smash: I do understand, don't get me wrong. But why do you have to wear that outfit though. Sure I really love it and (boner), yeah you get it, but why?
Twilight: It's the only outfit that I don't mind getting a little sweaty. Unlike my formal outfits and more casual cloths. Besides it even makes my breats grow larger and I can see hwo much you love it.
Smash: Yeah, you totally can. Then how about the two of us take a shower together. I was going to take one anyways. ;)
Twilight: Take your time honey and embrace the fact that you left the first comment on this picture. Let's go! (Kisses Smash on the cheek)

Amazing art BTW Sumin, keep up the good work.
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