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Twilight sparkle..

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She’s probably ready for a spy movie
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Rrrgh, Looking sexy Twilight~
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So she is going to brake into the castle again? :D
Human Princess Twilight Sparkle looks so hot, sexy and tempting in that tight, sexy and zipped down black leather outfit, showing off her nice, large, tight, well rounded, hot and sexy breasts and her beautiful smiling face, eyes and long lovely hair don't hurt either!!!!! Looks like she's as happy with this drawing as everyone else is, lovely job here!!!
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Yeah, she really is gorgeous. If only I could...

Ah screw it... "gives Twilight a hug and a kiss on the lips".
Well who wouldn't want to kiss Twilight Sparkle!? I'd marry her if given a chance, after we got to know, date, trust and love each other enough 1st!!! 
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Totally agree, then again... she told me that she likes a lot.

But she didn't want to make you sad, so she cloned herself so that... oh wait, there is already another Twilight, who is a scientist. Now we both get to have her and no fight and fight had to happen between us.

Problem solved!
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mmmmmm very sexy s
steve walks up to twi hello sexy
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Ohhh so tiiight :3
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Please draw more Latex. 😻
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That would be wonderful!
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I can't wait to see more Twilight Sparkle fanart with that black suit. :)
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Mmm. She looks Hot in that Black Catsuit.😍🖤
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You're not suppose to smile when dressed like that
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"Agent Sparkle at your service, sir."
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I see she finally got the bosoms covered up.

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Whoa, super sexy.
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