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RD:"Come to bed, I'll keep you warm"
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Cana Alberona: Told ya she'd make a good model.

Ben Tennyson: You made a bet that she could do this?

Cana Alberona: Hey, anything to get her boyfriend's attention, right? *smirks at him*

Ben Tennyson: *looks at Rainbow and blushes madly* Y-Yeah, I... guess so...
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RD is going to make that camera man rich. XD
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Clone trooper: I'm gonna turn you clankers into scrap metal!
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Playboy would make A TON of money off all these beautiful women! Kyouko Toshinou (Sparkle Nose Bleed) [V1] 
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Very nice.^^ Hmm... with how flirty you're having these girls, wonder how Celestia and Luna were at their age.;)
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B1: wow! *kisses her and hugs her*
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RD: *gets her jacket off*
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B1: 0////0...😍
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B1: Nothing ^////^ *holds her hand*
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Flutters and Dashie AND AJ look stunning. :3 <3
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How about a threesome between them?
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