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Pinkie pie - behind

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Pinkie: You're planning to do "THAT" with me aren't you??


Pinkie: Well-

You Ready?


(Instant Regret)

As those wonder if pinkie pie was thinking of something in a totally different outfit which consisted of a camisole top paired with a skirt and stockings when the time a gust of wind came along when the version she forgot panties that day as the gust of wind came along blowing up her skirt showing her sweet pussy.

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I'm thinking that this some creepy fan art!
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Me: Foxy's Booty Overload (Chat Icon) Swiggity Swooty, Foxy's Comin 4 Booty (Chat Icon) *grabs Pinkie's butt* You have a nice butt! *blushes*
Pinkie:Um thanks, are you feeling alright, do you need a glass of water?
Me: Yes please!
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i would do the same 
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I'm thinking of that fine ass of yours and what we could do 
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about what to think
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*grabs booty but lets go*
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*blushes, nervously* Well, Pinkie, I guess I kind of like your butt...
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A crazy party you might want to join.
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you are beautiful
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im think in how beautiful you are Pinkie  Love 
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I'm thinking of groping dat fine ass you got there, Pinkie...:iconpervplz:
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*Grabs her butt unless she screams*
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Pinkie: Thanks, that felt so good. Maybe we should go to somewhere more private. Never knew you loved me.

Would you like to role play?
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Should we do it in notes?
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Who should be the sender?
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I'm thinking of just grabbing it.
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