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Octavia - Maid Uniform 10

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"Ohhhhhh Vinyl...Vinyl Scratch...wanna see me strip?"
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mmnnice pic    and your hired^^
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Octavia is and always be, sexiest human, i love your works on her.
GameWhiz14's avatar
Octavia's so cute and sexy. :love: 
ehfiddl88's avatar
Love it Octavia
Oh dear u r charting me...
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Octavia:Need a maid service,master???? (she blushed and lifted her skirt.She showed her panties.)
Great-Ape's avatar
*smiles* Of course! You definitely look like my kinda maid...
EpicBritannia877's avatar
Britannia: *blushes and tries to smile but turns out with embarrassment*
FrostBlitz's avatar
......형이 죄송하실 필요없어요....저 때문에 형이 그때 그런 반응을 보이신거잖아요....고의가 아니엿어도 상대방에게는 상처가 남겟죠....전 형을 만날 면목이 없어요.평생 형에게 씻을수 없는 죄를 지엇으니까요......
ShoMiz3821's avatar
그때 형이 미안했다.

지금와서 이런말 하는것도 기분이 좋아 지리라곤 생각할순 없겠지만 매 순간순간 욱해서 그런거였어
FrostBlitz's avatar
전 형이 아직도 화가 아직 나셧다고 생각해요....아마 쉽게 지워지지 않겟죠....그때는 상대방에 대한 태도에 대해서 많이 부족하엿고,또한 어리숙 햇어요....정말 진심으로 사과하고싶어요....화가 나셧어도,이해해요
ShoMiz3821's avatar
그때 지금보다 시간이 많이 지나서 이제 괜찮아,

그리고 너무 자책 안해도 되고 그냥 예전처럼 그나마 다시 잘 지냈으면 하는 바램이다.
FrostBlitz's avatar

카톡....하고싶으면 하세요.전 언제든지 되니까요.
Burning-Heart-Brony's avatar
Ah, so carefree in this pic! Lovingly open and playful :3 and such a sweet smile! I like this octi Heart Heart 
Guegorov's avatar
Amazing gallery. Watched. :D
GunnurBoyExo's avatar
Octavia Feeling the Breeze, that's right Maid lift that skirt up. XD
NerdyBoi101's avatar
Quite the breeze
cartoonsbest's avatar
"Oops..I broke a vase. Do you forgive me?"
KingTumult's avatar
Sorry that vasé was worth 3,000,000 yen. It was supposed to be for a charity auction. So until you pay off that vasé you'll have to work here as a host. So starting today YOU ARE A HOST
kxp71's avatar
you make everyone so beautiful I CAN'T TAKE IT YOUR ART IS TO HOT :nuu:
BB-K's avatar
Oh yes, Octavia. Lift up your skirt! :D

After that, show us your bra.
EpicBritannia877's avatar
Britannia: Im getting hot please stop 

Octavia: why? 
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