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My entry for ´s project :3 (HUGE-ISH FILE!)

I've been planning to make something like this for some time now too so this was a perfect timing for it!

As you can see, I pretty much sucked when I started CGing..(not to mention my even older works than that! Geez, maybe I'll show some of them someday too :rofl: )

Year 2004:

I got my tablet as a birthday present :3 I tried it immediately with Open Canvas 1.01..Then I moved to Photoshop that I got with my tablet. (Yay for dodge effects). All the works were done with really small resolution too >.> I had absolutely NO IDEA how to use layers so everything was on one layer :XD: And see how my anatomy sucks, haha! I decided I liked Open Canvas better so I drew most of the pictures with it for now on...and eventually I learned how to use layers as well ^^;

Year 2005:

I think most of the improvement happened around here...I stopped using linearts and I got my Painter 9 as well.I fell in love with it even though I didn't really know how to use it XD. I found the glory of using textures and brushes and I returned using Photoshop besides Painter. The image resolution started to grow bigger and bigger when I learned working with huge files.

Year 2006:

Well, here we are! I'm still learning a lot and trying to improve :3 My style of learning is to draw as much as I can and learn in the process though.. I've become more courageous with my drawings and I'm willing to try different styles and working methods. My new goal is to try drawing something comic-like and work more with traditional media as well.

We'll see how much I've learned after this year is over ^^
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it just gets more and more realistic..