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Tron: For Your Consideration

Yes, Daft Punk's score for Tron Legacy was just that good.

And if the Academy has any interest in proving they aren't completely irrelevant, at the very least securing Tron Legacy a nomination for Best Original Score would be a good start.

Giant-sized for your download/printing pleasure. For contact information for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, please visit here.

EDIT 1/25/2011: Aaaaaand they prove my point entirely by giving Tron nothing. What a shock.

Tron Legacy © Disney.
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How did they not get an award?!? So unfair >:C
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Bought the soundtrack for this last night, listened to it 4 times in a row and now on the 5th :P
Everything on that disc is just so good
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I thought the music done by daft punk for tron legacy was great. I am still listening to that sound track, witch is really weird for me since I am not normally into that type of music. I like every song except for like 3 of them. Thats pretty good for a cd.
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This is so fresh
CrayolaPanda's avatar
found on first showing ;)
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How interesting! Thanks for the heads-up!
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great poster and I couldn't agree more, the music was incredible
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Thought I'd help in the cause...Although it is not as badass as yours...
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The soundtrack is magnificent.Great idea and concept!
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I've never cared for Daft Punk or that type of music in general--but I fell instantly in love with this score as soon as I heard it. Hearing it over scenes from the movie only made it better. Fantastic stuff.

This design is brilliant, by the way.
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I agree, great music. I actually reminded me a little of mass effect soundtrack. Two thumbs up.
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Beautiful design.
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Dude you need to make some tutorials on how you make pieces like these, a total step by step process.
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Oh! I've heard of that song! :lol: its real awesome :D
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I've been rockin the Soundtrack about every day since I got it, and I still can't get over how utterly amazing it is. I will mention that while most people might buy it thinking it's another Daft Punk album, they need to know that it's not (In fact as a Daft Punk album it's kinda weak). What they DO need to know is that it's a MOVIE SOUNDTRACK and as Daft Punk scoring a movie soundtrack... All I can say is it's utterly amazing...
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