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The Dark Knight Rises




EDIT (July 2012): In response to multiple reports that my poster was being sold on eBay and at comic conventions and such without my consent - and SCREW YOU, whoever's been doing that - and now that the movie's out and has kicked fanboy asses left and right, I've put together this upgraded version. A common criticism of the original version was that the bat logo looked more like lightning than broken glass, so the additional effects ought to clear that up.

ORIGINAL NOTES (January 2011): I had an image in mind of the bat symbol assembled from shards of broken glass - possibly a prophetic vision of how Chris Nolan will open The Dark Knight Rises...but likely not. [EDIT: Turns out it was. Am I good or what!?] In any case, I built on that thought to make this image, of Batman viewed through a hole in a smashed window, looking out into a brighter day against the cold gray of Gotham (the first two films were color-coded sepia and blue, so maybe the third will be in gray tones to symbolize the "shades of gray" that represent the justice system...but I'm getting ahead of things again). [EDIT: Right again!]

The broken glass effect was made by scanning pieces of plastic wrap, then using select portions of those scans. Tiring stuff.

Batman © DC
The Dark Knight Rises © WB
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If i make a film i would totally hire you for the marketing