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After finally getting a design accepted by TeeFury, I set to work on a few other design ideas, this among them: a mashup of Labyrinth and PacMan because...hell, I don't know, it sounded funny in my head. So after I finished the shirt design version, I expanded it into a full Mondo-style poster with title and credits, with the "arcade screen glow" added for good measure.

So if this game actually existed, how quarters would you waste on it? ;)
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1up-Mushroom's avatar
Alright, that is amazing. I love the concept of this.
Daniel-Rocal's avatar
This should be a great game.
Bucktinz's avatar
I'm a C++ programmer (10 yrs) would like to make this a game!
Skasha's avatar
All of my spare quarters. I would spend so very, very many quarters on this.

jaredlyon's avatar
Superbly done! Love the color scheme, it reminds me of the Dark Crystal (another great Henson production from that same time period).
Dae08's avatar
Where do I go to play this?!? Seriously. Do. Want.
Dae08's avatar
Where can I play this?? Seriously. Do. Want.
Cheesegoddess's avatar
This is awesome!!
Phaeton99's avatar
Beautiful! (But it needs an oubliette). ;)
shokxone-studios's avatar
*headslap* I knew I was missing something!
Phaeton99's avatar
Technically, it should probably be a secret hazard and hidden, moving randomly around the Labyrinth, so you can always just say it is there and leave it to whoever is daring enough to trying coding the thing to sort out. ;)
RipperMadness's avatar
Oh dear. This is FREAKING AWESOME!
Delaney-M's avatar
This is brilliant. I love it.
Dojio's avatar
Incredible! I love the concept
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