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Man of Steel

Ah yes, the other DC superhero flick I'm dying to see. Bit early for teaser artwork, perhaps, but never too soon for a little aesthetic fanboy slobbering.

The shield is modeled after the new costume - not that you can really tell, what with all the flames and the zooming and the ka-POW and whatnot - and the overall look is inspired by opening credits of the Christopher Reeve movies, and Superman Returns. A contradictory notion, I know, given the clear intent to move away from established film continuity. That said, I hope and pray they carry over the John Williams theme. Call me stuck in the past, but that music is every bit a part of Superman's character as his cape.

So yeah, I'm excited for Man of Steel, and I think Zack Snyder might just be the perfect man for the job (even after that slight hiccup with Sucker Punch), and I direct any doubters to the movie Legend of the Guardians, which almost prophetically demonstrates the staging of action sequences based on flying. Also after seeing Immortals, Henry Cavill has my full support as Supes himself.

Bring it on.

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This is fantastic! Perfect combination of Classic and Modern Superman! Well done chap
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awesome. well done mate, fav
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movie was...alright.  anyways it was a bit of letdown but this poster and triaelrs made it AMAZING!! 
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WTF? I LOVE this poster!
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Hope this movie did justice after Superman Return.

Great poster anyway. Insert the John Williams music here.
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Great poster, and I totally agree with you about using John Williams's theme. Just because they're updating it doesn't mean they should scrap the music, just update it!
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Coolest teaser I've seen in a while, professional or otherwise, that I can remember off the top of my head. Man, it would be amazing to see a Captain Marvel movie open with this much style and flair.
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Are they really making another Superman movie?
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Sweet, they're going to have Russel Crow and Kevin Costner in it :iconyayzplz:
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I wish that were official. Sigh. Looks so awesome.

Offtopic: You didnt like Sucker Punch, but like Immortals? Whats wrong with you? :P
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I liked Sucker Punch quite a bit actually, I just found its story pattern repetitive and its mixed metaphors confusing and hollow.
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So you liked it more, than I did with Immortals ;) Because I really hated that one. Too dull and boring.
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I've actually still yet to see the movie for myself actually, heard some pretty bad things, is it worth a watch, even for some really mindless action and hot chicks( I find Jena Malone very cute actually).
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Shiny! I'm diggin' those colors
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Yes, bitch! I do!!! Awesome poster. Get's you all pumped up if you're a GenXer.
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To answer your question: No.
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Hmph. I'll bet you say you don't believe in fairies either.
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WOW, how did you do this? It's amazing.
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but the tagline is richard donner-related! remember: this is a reboot! that's why we need something NEW!
but still a badass poster! :D
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