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Evangelion - The Movie

11/10/06 - Okay, lately I've been getting questions regarding this poster...questions that by now I'd have assumed would no longer be asked...nonetheless, I'd like to clear up these issues, assuming of course people actually READ WHAT I'M WRITING HERE - I'M EVEN TYPING THIS IN CAPS LOCK AND I BET YOU'RE NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

1. NO, this is not a real poster.

2. This FAKE poster was originally created back in January of 2003. Later that year at the Cannes Film Festival, ADV Films announced the start of pre-production on a REAL live-action Evangelion movie, with design work being done by WETA Workshop; conceptual artwork can be seen here: [link] .

3. As of 2006, the live-action Eva movie - with which this FAKE movie poster has NO affiliation - has NOT yet been made, and therefore has NOT yet been released.

The cast (I know my choices are WAY off, but c'mon, it's fan art) :
Elijah Wood as Shinji
Natalie Portman as Asuka
Zhang Ziyi as Rei.
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The girl who played Mako Mori in Pacific Rim actually voiced Rei, so I think she would be a more fitting choice, but the one you have is pretty good.
No, just no.  I'm glad this was never made.Smoking 
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It just wouldn't be the same.
It does not need to be a live-action adaptation.  It should just be it's own story if it's going to be a movie.Popcorn 
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Then what would it be called?
I mean keep the setting but, do not just copy the anime.  Make it it's own separate adventure set in that universe.  I do not want to see the same origin story I already know.:shifty: 
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That doesn't mean that live-action and anime rarely, if ever, mix well. Evangelion would be no exception. All the CG would plunge their budget to Hell. They may as well make a normal Eva movie.
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I'm so happy that there is no live actions of Evangelion, it would be terrible.
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I do not want Elijah Wood to play Shinji, sure he do good at playing a pathetic idiot, but as Shinji, he fails, because Shinji is way more complicated then that
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Frodo, you're drunk! Go to home!)
lamp64's avatar
dont do it japan....
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I saw this poster somewhere out there on line.. I even had it as a desktop background for a while. It just filled me with hope that the actual movie would happen soon, but looks like Peter Jackson, originally interested in the project, has his plate full for now...
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Lol, I love the your sense of humor
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I'd have to get into Evangelion to be sure your casting off . . . but if Elijah was in that movie, I'd soo totally watch it. :)
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natalie portman! ELIJAH WOOD!!! *does know zhang ziyi* I WOULD SO WATCH THIS if it were real *cries*
awesome poster :D
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Whyyyyyy would Elijah Wood play Shinji? Shinji is Japanese. As in not white.
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It's nine-year-old fan artwork. Don't bust a brain cell over it.
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hehe yep wood would be a good cast member plus i think christian bale would be good as kaji :D
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The Music Box Theater in Chicago mistakenly put this poster up on their website when they were showing the Eva 1.0 movie two years ago. I think it was on their site for at least a week before they finally took it down and put an image of the real poster up.
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XD btw sorry for commenting again but, in the bottom right its rated F for fake... really fake...
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