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Mature content
Chapter 1 - The Message :iconshokuro:Shokuro 0 0
Wrongful confession...?
Wrongful confession…?
The night I said it
You did expect it—
I didn’t either
I— I shouldn’t have said it
I knew it the moment I did that
I should’ve waited—
The kiss was tainted—
It feels almost like my heart is breaking—
My love, please
Tell me the truth!
Do you-
Do you really-
Honestly, truly-
Heartfelt and deeply-
Completely and fully-
Love me?
:iconshokuro:Shokuro 0 0
What's wrong?
What’s wrong?
Why does this feeling have to dwell on my heart?
Was it too soon? Did I say it too quick?
I was so happy to have you there
So happy to give my heart to someone
Like you. It was your smile, your charm;
Your laugh; your eyes when they met mine-
Did I use you? I was so alone and so were you-
When we were together…alone…
All you had to do was put an arm around me-
I never felt so safe and relaxed before; you made me feel loved.
My heart was pounding and when I looked
At your face I could feel myself blush.
You opened your eyes and looked at me and
I quickly looked away. You chuckled and we looked out the window.
I did something I never thought I’d do…
I impulsively kissed your cheek and quickly got out of the truck.
You chuckled and shook your head.
As we drove away from you and him I watched you.
I thought about you all that night…I thought about—
:iconshokuro:Shokuro 0 0
Prologue - The legend
     Rain poured down from the sky as if buckets were being dumped upon the planet. Darkness was everywhere; the only source of light was from the sudden flashes of lightening that would strike the sky fiercely. Heart retching shrieks broke through the deafening sounds of the rain. A battle of intense measure was being fought. The warriors of Verdach had come to annihilate the Iiashi people. The Verdach were the most power hungry beings upon the planet. They were greedy and emotional creatures and their name was something that never rolled lightly off other's tongue. Verdach or what the Under Dwellers called Humans. They were after power and nothing would stand in their way. Not even the peacekeeping Iiashi.
     The Iiashi were the original descendants of the Deities. They could manipulate all the elements known to the creatures of Naqunia, hear the spirits of all living creatures, know the truth without it being spoken and were immort
:iconshokuro:Shokuro 0 0
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Keeping up with the exercises! Whoot! I just finished day 4 of level 2 work out and I gotta say, it's not easy. My legs, especially my thighs, and shoulders are starting to hurt and not in a good way. My shoulders are oddly stiff when I do the cardio portions and I don't think that's a good burn or not.. But the most important thing is that I'm keeping at it! I am proud of me! This is the longest I've stuck to a workout regiment since I was 10 years-old, and even that wasn't much of a regiment. The other thing about this workout is I don't have any idea how much weight I've actually lost either since I haven't gotten a scale yet :P I do believe I am down to maybe 12 lbs lighter? Maybe.. Here's hoping haha! That isn't the only good thing to come my way this New Year either! Good things are happening around work, for me anyway, and soon our car problems won't be much of a problem anymore! Yay!!

Well I don't have much of a rant today. I do, however, wish to close with a question. If the ACA is supposed to be so fricking wonderful and is meant to help those that don't have health insurance, why are they going to penalize those who still don't have health insurance? I mean, just because something says it's affordable, without a really good explanation, people still won't want any part of it. Especially when those that are forcing us to partake can't even figure out what they're doing in the first place.

Just something that's been on my mind. I just don't like to see bad things happen to people who don't deserve it. I think a good analogy of what the Policy Makers reminds me of is an older sibling pushing their "You have to do what I say 'cause I'm older and if you don't then I'm going to beat you up!" belief. Yeah!

ACA policy implementers = Older Sibling

ACA policy = Sibling's rules when no one's looking.

That is all for this week.


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