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Iron man cosplay

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Iron man cosplay at Japan expo 2008.
You can see more at my page
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Thanks ^^ ( sadly as the costume was made  in 2008 with plastic bottles...iron man went to junk garbage in 2009 ;_;)
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Awesome!!! THAT is really an armor ...!!
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This is really awesome !!
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May I ask what the costume is made out of? I'm very curious cuz it looks like legit metal lol
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It is made in plastic bottles ^^'
 ( like coca cola 2 liters)  it is an old costume -2008 made - and, in 2008, the lack of material was a problem, now we work with eva foam, but in 2008 we used to work with plastic bottle, it was really cheap and fragile :/
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no waayyy!!! that's so cool and unique! it looks great though for sure :D
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pure awesomeness. I love Iron Man.
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Thank you
( it is a very old costume made with plastic bottles ^^'
 it is really cheap result, now we used to work with eva foam)
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Amazing job !!! It's hard to believe it's hand made (plastic bottles ?!). Anyway good job, i ve got one question tho, re all of your costumes hand made by you  ?
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Thank you :) yes it is really plastic bottle ( coca cola 2L).
Yes, we made our own costumes.
First, I uploaded here only my costumes but as my friend don't speak english and don't use internet for sharing his passion, I modify the DA page for both.
So, you can find Jerome's work and mine.

You can see more pictures and WIP on…

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Always amazed by these crafts! :D
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Thank you :) it is an old costume, made with plastic bottle (  yes ^^' )
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Haha whaaaaaaaat?? PLASTIC BOTTLES!!!?? Would never have thought! xD
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Yes, during 2004 to 2008, we used to made armors with plastic bottles because it was a cheap material and foam wasn't a known material.So, it was difficult to find material for armor making.

But plastic bottle is really limited for giving correct shape :/ painting remove easily on plastic.
In 2009, we discovered foam ( EVA ).
Now we used to do armors in foam, the result is better I think.
But, it make me smile remember all those hours spend with plastic bottles ^^

Cosplay is about system D, you can use unexpected things for a costume :)
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