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Guardians of the galaxy

Photo by :iconkaihansen3004:

Our FB page:…

Rocket was a strange costume idea but we were happy to do something different.

Lot of work on fur, painting, props, teeth and anatomy... yeah, we were happy to craft this little raccoon.

Groot costume:

#cosplay #cosplayphotography #groot #rocketraccoon #grootcosplay#rocketcosplay #gardiensdelagalaxy #guardianofthegalaxy
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I was just going through my favorites file, and saw this. I thought it was from the movie until I saw the "Shoko-Cosplay" credit on it.

No question - These are the most incredible cosplay costumes I've ever seen. These are movie-quality! 
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Thank you, it is a super kind comment, thank you very much for loving our work!
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Oh my god!!! This is amazing art! You guys are great!! 
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You are sooo good!!! :clap: :dance: :love:
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Very welcome!! Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] 
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THis iS cOsplAY?!
This is beyond amazing!
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Wow! These are costumes?!
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Such excellent work, Rocket is perfect!
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