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Freya Zangeki no Reginleiv 3.


Latest July, we enterer the ECG selection without pretention, we just wanted to do something different as usual and, our first duet.

It was the first time we worked for the same project, it was long, hard and not really funny.

So, during japan expo, we were on stage in a funny mood, because I must admit we don't really care with the contest, we aren't into competition, our goal is to create, to have fun.

During the skit, Jerome loose his wig, so I was laughing of the failure after the skit so, after the stage, we made pictures instead of check the results, sure of our friends victory.

But when a cosplay staff searched for us in the rush for the results, we were really surprised win... ( again now <<)

First, my character wasn't Freya but for a better adequation with Frey for the skit as they are brother and sister, I changed my plan ^^'

We made Odin character as narrator of the story, his mouth move but nobody saw that detail from the stage.

Now, we work on our ECG finale.Lot of wasted time and failure so we decided to do...something really different, it is really unexpected and I am unable to imagine people's reaction.
I think ECG is a good opportunity to do things you can't do on simple contest.
I don't feel proud but I hope our project will find a place in audience's memories.

Picture by Cooladn
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Absolutely beautiful cosplay! *O*
Shoko-Cosplay's avatar
Thank you so much Rina :heart:
Rinaca-Cosplay's avatar
You're very welcome. :heart:
Sha-mallow's avatar
t'en as pas marre d'etre si parfaite ? :D <3
Shoko-Cosplay's avatar
Je suis loin d'être parfaite tu sais ^^'
 rien de bien nouveau au niveau technique non plus :/
 ( aimerais se perfectionner)
Sha-mallow's avatar
tatata, je veux bien etre a ton niveau x)
jade-arts's avatar
Amazing job!! You're awesome with armor!! :love: :clap:
Shoko-Cosplay's avatar
Thank you, I really hope to do another Reginleiv character and a photoshoot with all but it is hard in France to find time and photographers when you don't live in Paris :/
jade-arts's avatar
Your most welcome! All the photographers are in Paris? I'm sure
it is hard to schedule photoshoots. Hopefully you'll find right time
in future. :D
Shoko-Cosplay's avatar
Yes they are :/ I planned to do photoshoot for august ^^ you give me the idea ^^ thanks!
jade-arts's avatar
Oh cool. Haha, I gave you the idea? Glad I could
help! :dance: Your welcome!! :hug:
Shoko-Cosplay's avatar
^^ thank  now, let's do the photoshoot and I will publish anne lotte and Monster hunter 4 pictures as soon as possible :)
pumpmonger's avatar
I cannot get enough of this armor, but as well done as it is you make this cosplay and armor beautiful.
Shoko-Cosplay's avatar
adekii's avatar
Nice combat-ready pose :D
Shoko-Cosplay's avatar
GVDigitalSculptor's avatar
kanyiko's avatar
I'm always amazed by your cosplays! They always look so epic! :heart:
Shoko-Cosplay's avatar
kanyiko's avatar
You're welcome. Please keep on being so freaking awesome!! :glomp:
Shoko-Cosplay's avatar
Thanks :D I will do my best :)
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