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ECG stage 2013.

During one full year we worked on our ECG projects.

But, we failed twice, first and second projects.
I think we wanted to do something too complicated for us and, it was really hard to keep faith and feel comfident about ECG.

Finally, 3 months before the final and a new fail, I heard on random playlist " up is down" from Pirates of the caribbean 3.

And, I saw a thing in my mind, like a film with a captain and his friend in trouble on their ship, it was fun!
I wrote the trip I made and submit the idea to Jerome.
And...we changed again our plans.

3 months before ECG final, let's do pirates!
For the choice of costumes, it wasn't complicated, I wanted to do the felyne legendary J anchor, it was on my planning for 2014.
For a better respect between hunter and felyne size, Jerôme made the felyne, and I made the male hunter ( my first crossplay!).

The costumes were really complicated because the sewing parts, finally, it was okay and " clean work" for me. ( miracle?)

The difficulty was with all the pirate faces on my armor and the hat from hell...
I spend lot of white nights on my costume and arrived exhausted at Paris. Finishing the costume at the hotel.

Again my legs troubles too...

With the exhausted body and mind, it was complicated to speak easily english with people but it was okay, they were all lovely and friendly.
ECG wasn't a contest, just a funny event I think, and I am happy to enjoy it.

Even some fails during the skit with the falling sword and shorter fighting dual sword because of jerome's placement on stage, it was really funny and people saw that joy on stage! It was just crazy to ear so many applauses and cheers o_o.

All contestants were awesome and I was happy to meet them^^

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Name of hunter and felyne set: Legendary J anchor from monster hunter 4.
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On vous a déjà dit que vous êtes les meilleurs ? Bien sûr que oui mais ça ne fait pas de mal de le répéter :
Vous êtes les meilleurs !!!!
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AW  è_è   bah merci, mais il y a tellement meilleur tu sais.
Là c'est bon je sais plus où me mettre mdr

 je suis en train de faire un kit spécial Noël à part ça :)  
zarbou's avatar
Ah ah, et tu oses faire la modeste...
Allons Shoko, tu peux assumer un compliment amplement mérité !

J'adore cette démarche très virile et ce visage dur que tu fais alors que tu as l'air si féminine d'habitude. Et Jerôme qui fait tout le spectacle et tous ces mouvements de chat accroupi, c'est une sacré performance aussi.
Quand on voit vos costumes incroyables, on se dit déjà que vous êtes les meilleurs, mais avec la vidéo on voit la chorégraphie et on a plus aucun doute à ce sujet.
Alors laisse tomber la modestie, bombe le torse et lis cette phrase à voix haute en serrant le poing : " JE SUIS LA MEILLEURE !"
Dis le encore, dis le plus fort !

J'ai hâte de voir ton kit.
Shoko-Cosplay's avatar
aw merci  :blush:  ;_;

Mais...vaut mieux être modeste ^^' le jour où je serais " fière" n'est pas arrivé.Je prefère faire des choses dans l'optique d'être satisfaite que " fière", je trouve ça plus agréable et moins agressif ^^

Le kit, j'en ai commencé deux autres ^^

J'espère les faire assez vite, il y en a un vraiment chaud et bourré de petites pièces c'est celui de one chanbarra ^^
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Awwwwwww what a cute scenery, you can feel the're working with lifeblood of your projects and I think. =)
Shoko-Cosplay's avatar
Thank you :hug:
 the cat all alone give all the cuteness on that stage ^^
Persephone-Galea's avatar
Ha ha you think so? But I think you´re right, the cat is really a cutie and fluffy :love:
Shoko-Cosplay's avatar
He was the cutest on stage ^^
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Is that hat heavy? You look so dangerous and fierce as a armored pirate!
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It is heavy yes, the hat  contain 2000 feathers and hot glue on it and the full costume is heavy because the fabric is not really thin.
I put chains on my armors, under my arms ( we can't see them but they are here t_t ) and yes...
I feel exhausted thinking of all that weight on me...
but, the armor looked chunky as the original, no matter if it is heavy, it was really nice to wear it.
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You move so well in it, you must be very fit and strong.
Shoko-Cosplay's avatar
Thank you, it is always a difficult part to elaborate a costume which you can move inside without break pieces, I really wish to continue " big suits" and keep this moving :)
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This is just so intensively cool! Absolutely love the hats!
Shoko-Cosplay's avatar
Thank you so much Colonel :)
  the hats were really difficult to do and a long work, I am really glad to read how people love them ( it was the first time we made such tricorn hats with a huge feather shape)
Shoko-Cosplay's avatar
Merci beaucoup  :heart:
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Congrats on complete success of your very first crossplay!  Are you thinking of doing more male-version costumes in the future?  It looks like you had a lot of fun on the stage! :la:
Shoko-Cosplay's avatar
Hawww :hug: thank you Adekii!

I wish to do other crossplay yes, I love the barbarian class in final fantasy reborn ^^
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OOOOOH cool!  Well if you have the time to do that crossplay, your fans will cheer you on!!
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Thanks Veratai ^^
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Mad cool keep up the good job 

Shoko-Cosplay's avatar
Yes ^^
 thank you very much :)
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